Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Painted Walls

Last evening I got to paint the walls for the Garden Shed. It was a new technique for me, which used a oil based stain with an acrylic paint wash over the wet stain. But I have to say that I am pleased with the results. I may put another coat of wash over to deepen the stain but I thought I would live with it for a bit first and see. I may like it just the way it is.

You can still see the grain of the wood, but it has a nice soft sage tone. I still have to stain and paint the corner boards and window trim. There is a bit of masking tape holding everything together, so you have to ignore this. You can also see that the stain bleed through to the back of boards that will be exposed in the shed, so I think I will stain all the inside, so I have a consistent colour, and not blotchy as it is now!

It's great to see that I have three more followers! Welcome to


Gian Luca,

and Carolyn. Carolyn, I couldn't see a blog for you, and you may be following blogs like I did for a long time without your own blog. But if you do have a blog, just email me and I will post a link on my site for you.

Thanks for taking an interest. I am open to any miniature tips that any of you may have for my Garden Shed.



Liberty Biberty said...

Love your little shed!!
By the way - my studio hardly ever looks that tidy, I just made an effort for the photos!

Wee Cute Treasures said...

Love the colour of the shed Wanda! You asked about the punch for my little hydrangea. I got it from eBay and the maker is Punch Bunch. They have quite a few mini punches. Hope this helps.

Carol x

Wanda said...

Thanks Carol, I'll check that out on Ebay!