Monday, September 28, 2015

Time for goodbyes for another year

As I packed for home, Camp Mini Ha Ha is over for another year,  for me it was the best year ever.  Not just for the unique project we worked on, but for the fun and laughter and especially the new friendships made at Camp.

As I packed my remaining items I snapped a few last minute pictures of the project.  Yesterday while the gatorboard walls were taped and drying and the the books were attached and clamped, I couldn't work on the panel walls and decided to start filling the bookcases with all my books and accessories.  Here's some of the shots of the filled cases both inside and outside the book box.   (Excuse the metal ceiling used as a back drop in the first two shots.  It's still not attached and there was too much light coming in from a full size window behind the shelving.

A peep inside the Roombox after I removed the clamps this morning.

Bookcases propped in place.  (Sorry window scene is not propped behind the window here).

You can see the inside cover of the book on the opening side.  It has a blue cover and I have to put some thought into how I want to finish this inside cover.

I packed lots of packing tissue inside the Roombox, leaving the bookcases all in place.  All the accessories are glued on.  I've arrived home now and all the accessories and bookcases remained in place.  I did pack the Roombox in my carry on since it was so small.  Didn't trust in going in checked luggage!  It didn't set off any warnings going through the X-ray machine at the airport, even though it was a set of hollowed out books with wires leading out of the back!  I can only imagine what airport security think sometimes of our traveling minis!

Thanks for following along over the past week and sending all your comments.  For Janine who asked did we choose the books, no we did not.  One of the organizers received the collection of books because they were to be discarded, and rather than having them discarded they decided to recycle them into this project.  We didn't choose the books from the collection even, this was decided in advance and the books were cut in advance,  Once cut to fit the precut gatorboard, no one could switch out individual books because they varied in size and may not have fit the gatorboard box had they done this.  Some book sets were all different, like mine, and some people did have some duplicate books.

I've more to share in the coming weeks as I complete this project and share with you the other great things I got at Camp!

Until the next time...

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Camp Mini Ha Ha - Day Five

I've completed the final day of Camp Mini Ha Ha but as I stated in my last posting, I will not complete the project in the time allotted unfortunately.  The final day was wrought with a few delays and missteps.  I accidentally glued the front gator board wall on upside down and had to cut out the the bottom piece and patch in at the top.  I'll have to do some fancy interior trim work on the window and panelling in order to hide the mistake.  This is the section I had to cut out.

While the patch job was drying, I moved on to the ceiling.  I had decided before I left for Camp to do a faux tin ceiling.  I started with a Houseworks faux ceiling panel and painted a first coat of Gesso.  Once dry I painted the entire ceiling with a metallic gold acrylic paint.  

Then I sponged on a coat of metallic copper acrylic paint.

Then I sponged on a coat of metallic silver acrylic paint.

Then a coat of bronze metallic acrylic paint.

Final coat was a product called Extreme Glitter, which was a silver paint that had gold glitter in it.  This gave the ceiling a little more sparkle to reflect the lighting that will be in the room.  Two very subtle and doesn't show clearly in the pictures, but I think it will help the lighting on the room.

Here are the paints I used.

And the Extreme Glitter.

I've left the entire panel to dry for the evening but it won't be installed until I get home.  I worked on the electrical and started filling the bookcases.  More pictures on this hopefully tomorrow.

In the morning I have to pack up to return home.  I'll have a little bit of catching up to do on my studies, so I'll try to post tomorrow, but it may be later in the week before I can get more updates for you to see.

We had another tidbit exchange and giftie exchange again today, and I received a beautiful aquarium on a table, plus many more accessory items.  More pictures to follow on later in the week.

Several vendors and artisans had tables set up selling their products during the week as well.  I've added a few more items to my collection and I'll review that during the coming week.

I'm totally exhausted, but proud of what I've accomplished.  It's been a wonderful week with a great group of friends, both old and new.

Until the next time....
From Camp Mini Ha Ha....


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Camp Mini Ha Ha - Day Four

I've had a productive day working on the interior of the roombox, but it's very clear that I will not be finishing this project in the allotted time.  Î had hope to do so because of the amount of unfinished projects I have at home now.  I wanted to go home with a completed roombox, but it will not happen unfortunately.

I did get a lot of work done on the wall of shelving and desk.  I still have to build the drawers and cubbies for the top of the desk, but this can be done at home.  Here is the shelving unfinished and before I added the top shelves.

You can see the library ladder we built in the next shot.  Just have to add the brass rail to the top of the bookcases.

Alł the walls we'll be paneled and I've decided the panels will be a faux burled wood.  So I've applied the stain to the gatorboard in a sponged effect to mimic burlling.  I still have to add the wood strips to build the moldings around the panels.  The bookcases have their first coat of stain in the shot below.  I can see in the desk knee hole where I need to add more "burlling" effect.  

We also added a fake wall for the window and a background scene with back lighting.  The lighting is not on in this shot.

Second shot without flash.

I played around with different panelling effects, testing out the area above the bookcase.  This will be the look of the panelling, but I did have to make adjustments to the panels on the area above the bookcases later.  More on this tomorrow.

Close up of my first experimenting with the panelling.

We had another exchange of tidbits at lunchtime and a gift exchange this evening, but I've yet to photgraph those items.

I've been working with a wonderful group of people this week.  The ideas and help people share here is wonderful.  Even better are the smiles and laughter.  Î laughed so hard at times today that I had no eye makeup left on and my belly ached from the laughter.  It's all good.

If anyone ever gets an opportunity to go to Camp Mini Ha Ha in the future, don't pass on the chance, you will not forget it!  They even offer a scholarship program to help those wishing to attend.

Until the next time....
From Camp Mini Ha Ha......


Camp Mini Ha Ha - Day Three

Well there's progress after the third day of the workshop.  You can see the beginnings of my wall of shelving and built in desk coming alive.  I designed the wall unit at home and cut everything and fortunately for the most part it all came together good.  I have to cut the top shelves tomorrow and start the wall panelling.  Staining also began but I forgot to take the pictures.

Here's a shot without the wing chair.  The only ready made product here is the desk chair, which I am slowly refinishing.

I also cut the middle boards from the front window to make more of the roombox visible.  I also used the same window in the bakery and I wanted to make it look different.

We also posed for our group shot at the end of the day.

I didn't get a chance to photograph my tidbits, but I had to share this fantastic shop vac I received in our gift exchange.  What a phenomenal job she has done on it,  don't know where I will use it, maybe in the garden shed.

Until the next time.....
From Camp Mini Ha Ha.....


Friday, September 25, 2015

Camp Mini Ha Ha - Day Two

It's our first day of actually working on our kit and I've started my post with the new "grey haired Wanda" picture, whose given up on colouring her hair (don't call it blonde, I will be so upset)!

Seconds after I arrived my work station looked like this.

Here's a closeup of the cut books we will be using.

We had to glue and clamp the pages from the cut edge.

After they dried we cut out the window opening and test fitted everything.  The books are not glued to each other nor glued to the roombox at this point.

Next we start working on the interior of the box.

In the evening we had our gift exchange.  To ensure everyone leaves the workroom and arrive, they have a early bird prize.

For my gift exchange I received this coach light and footstool from my workmate, Cathy, whose been great sharing miniature stories with today.  She's pictured with me above in the first picture.

At lunch each day we exchange "tidbits", which are smaller gifts that everyone gives each attendee.  Today I got these lovely cupcakes that I can use for my bakery, plus an extra paper plate.

This beautiful laser cut book stand with the Camp Mini Ha Ha logo etched into the wood.

A leather book and brass key.

Lion bookends, which will work in my library roombox.

A beautiful ink well and quill set.

A beautiful little watch, that will work in that lady's shop someday, or maybe the master bedroom of my dollhouse evening.

And a small 3x5 rug.

It's been great catching up with everyone.  Can't wait until we start on the inside of the box.  That's where the fun begins.

Until the next time....
From Camp Mini Ha ha....


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Camp Mini Ha Ha - Day One

Well we have all arrived safely at Camp Mini Ha Ha and had our initial greetings with the Camp committee....aka...Minions I think!

The first day was registration, bit of catching up with fellow campers, picking your work station (I always pick the end of the tables because I have a tendency to spread out, this way I can spread out on the floor and not someone else's work station!)

We all had a lovely dinner at the main dining room and then meet again for a question and answer session and then our first gift exchange.   I was the recipient of this lovely chair from Nancy Maxwell.  She is so talented, I visited her home to see her collection many years ago, and it is very impressive.  She's a phenomenal miniaturist!

Nancy made the upholstery from a bookmark and also gave me two additional bookmarks to use in the room that I place the chair.  They'd be great for a runner, cushions or even a matching ottoman.  Think it will look great in the castle room!

So I'm off this morning to day two and the official start of the workshop.  Can't wait!

Until the next time....
From Camp Mini Ha Ha....

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Last Minute Preparations

It's down to the wire now.  I leave on Wednesday for Camp Mini Ha Ha.  Tidbits and Gifties are completed.  All my suitcases are packed.  Lots of accessories ready to go to fill the bookcases I have designed and cut for the roombox.  I have lots of books made, but I'm still not sure I have enough.

You don't realize how much little pieces you collect over the years.  But's it great when it's time to put together a new roombox.  Hopefully I've packed everything I need.  The roombox will be electrified as well, so I've packed all the supplies I will need for this as well.

I have lots of more printies cut out and ready to go, if I find I need more books.

It's great to have a week with my mini friends again.  I promise to blog during the week as well.

So the next time you hear from me will be at Camp Mini Ha Ha.

Until the next time....

Monday, September 14, 2015

Camp Preparations

I've been a little quite the past several days.  I'm busy getting ready for the Camp Mini Ha Ha workshop in Halifax.  We'll be working on a roombox inside of a stack of books.  This is the prototype.

I've decided to do my room as a library/office.  So again I need lots of books.  So I've been cutting out lots and lots of book printies to get ready for the project.  

If you recall the wing chair I made back in May at the Toronto workshop was also meant for this project.  I designed and cut a wall of bookcases and a desk this past weekend for the roombox.  I'm waiting to assemble it and make final adjustments once I get to camp.

During the week we exchange small gifts with each attendee, we call them tidbits.  You can see I've got a lot of tidbits ready to go here.  It filled my entire carry on suitcase for the trip.

We also exchange one gift each of the five evenings at the workshop.  So I'm still working on finishing up these gifties.  

Figuring out everything I need to complete this project and packing for the trip will take up the remainder of my week.  I promise to blog from camp, between working on my project and studying!  Still have course work to complete!  This girl never stops!

Until the next time....