Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Doors Move!!

I have finally managed to get the hinges and latch on the garden shed doors, and they swing freely. It feels great, it was a finicky (is that a word)task. I still have not attached the front wall because I want to still be able to reach inside to place all the little items.

I have been busy making some printies for the shelves and work tables, but I am still searching for more items. It seems that there are lot of printies online, and I have saved a lot over the years, but the majority of the ones I can find related to gardening appear to be more vintage. I would like to have some current gardening items such as bags of lawn seeds, fertilizer, Miracle Grow boxes, etc, and I am finding these items challenging. I don't think I have the computer skills to create them myself. So if anyone can suggest where I can find these items, it would be appreciated.

I have also been working on flowers for the inside and outside of the shed. I have made some flowers in the past and they are extremely time consuming but very rewarding. I have made them from both kits and from scratch. So far I have made lots of hyacinth, from instructions given in Miniature Collector, hydrangea from kits, fuchsia from kits (Bonnie Lavish kits are awesome!). I made fern leaves from scratch using floral tape in the past for the flower boxes on my dollhouse. I am going to need tons, but I think this is something I can add to over time!

A big thank you to Irene of showed me the "Flower". That's the flower on my camera that allows me to take clearer close ups of the miniatures. All my close ups are a lot crisper now! Thanks a bunch for sharing the information.

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Hope you enjoy my postings, and I would love to have your feedback.


Norma said...

Well done on the doors!! Wherever did you find such a tiny working latch???

Wanda said...

Thanks Norma, I got both the latch and the hinges at

Norma said...

Thanks for the info - I do know that site, I need to check out the hardware dept more carefully :)

Wee Cute Treasures said...

Hi Wanda - I love your little doors and am amazed at the sweet little hinges and latch. I am going to check out

Your flowers are lovely too! I got a tiny pack of Miracle Grow from an eBayer called 'lacyhome4boys'. She has a lot of unusual items. It will be going into the flower shop!

Thank you so much for your lovely compliments about my little wedding cake topper - and CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding coming up! Have a great weekend, Carol xoxo

Meli said...

Glad to have found your blog Wanda!!! You have excelent works!!
Love your flowers!!!

Wanda said...

Thanks Carols for the info on Lacyhome4boys. I am also familiar with them, they are on my favourite sellers list. They have a large line up, so I may have to do a little searching to find it! And thank you for the congrats! We got engaged just 2 months ago in a hot air balloon ride in Florida. It was a big surprise! He's a romantic and a keeper, and he loves my minis!!! Definitely a keeper!

Wanda said...

Welcome Meli, Glad you found my blog. Hope you enjoy it! Do you have a blog yourself?

Irene said...

Your doors look excellent. I found a link for seed packets - check out Jim's Printable Minis or google Sherree's Printables. Scroll down and there's a section on gardens. I'm glad you found the flower - it was a bit of a revelation for me too when I was shown it. Glad to help.