Friday, June 26, 2015

As the vine grows....

I've been quiet this week with my work and studies, but I did get a chance to add to the vine around the shop.  Here's my progress:-

I haven't added any leaves to the wisteria yet.  I'm still having challenges keeping the vine attached to the bookstore wall.  Glue isn't holding, so I may have to resort to something more invasive.
Thanks again for your kind comments.
Until the next time.....

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Joe's Shed on Father's Day

For those of you who have followed my blog over the years you may know the garden shed I've been building has been a labour of love as a tribute to my dad.  He passed away a little over four years ago. He had a workshop that was the envy of most men in our community with every tool you could imagine.  

Carpentry was his hobby and for a pass time he built sleds for snowmobiles.  He took pride in hand crafting every sled with his uniquely designed style.  His pattern for his sleds were his a cherish possession to him.  He also built two very detailed ship models in the workshop.  He never referred to the building as a workshop, which it really was, it was simply his "shed".

In the past month, the tools were painstakingly removed from the "shed" and after over 40 years, the now unused and decaying shed was torn down to be replaced with a new shed to store his tools.  I have two tools from the shed, a level and a plane, both handmade by by great grandfather and passed down through the generations.  

It only seems right on this day, which we celebrate as Father's Day that I hang the sign on the model I built as a tribute to this wonderful man.  He was a quiet, gentle and kind man who never raised his voice, and was never without a smile on his face.  I can only wish to be the person he was.  My love of model building came from him.

Happy Father's Day dad.

Until the next time....


Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Little Aging

The roof of the shed has had lots of time to deepen and now I am applying a mixture of diluted burnt umber to lower the intensity of the blue patina. 

My first thought was that I had it ruined.  But once the mixture dried, I like it much better.

Then it was on to adding the moss.  I'm using a combination of three different types and colours of landscape material to give it a little depth.  I applied glue in the upper edges and dragged it down a little, especially in the areas where the glue had dried on top of the copper and wouldn't age.  It looks a little overdone here, but I'm waiting for the glue to dry.

Once the glue was dried I brushed off the excess and this was the result.

I think I will have to repeat the process several times to build up enough moss.  Back to the moss bag!

Until the next time....

Friday, June 19, 2015

A Time to Climb

I've started laying out the ivy on the other wall outside the shop.  Had to move the shop out of the way to clamp and tape the vines.  I've added Lisa's wonderful clock to this wall and I plan to let the ivy weave in around the clock.

Here's a close up of the clock, sorry it's still taped in place, but I think it will look good once I get the store back into place and the leaves added.  You can see the background paper I used for inside the shop in this picture.

And here's with the shop wall back in place.  Still have to add hundreds of ivy leaves.

The shop windows look blurry because I still have the plastic film on the inside.  Didn't want to remove it until all the interior finishing was done.

Here's another close up of the ivy.
Then it's on to the bookstore landscaping.  I've added the pot I had made with the wisteria vines.  I taped them all in place to see if they would stay glued to the walls.

I removed the tape and they all jumped forward, oh well, I went ahead and glued on the wisteria.  I left about 20 flowers that I will add to areas once everything is dry.  Trying to get clusters together now was difficult, placing one close to another caused the first one to pop off.  Once it's dry I will add the remaining few and the hundreds of leaves I have ready.

Here's how it's looking all together now.  I know it will cover up some of the bookstore sign, but I think that makes it interesting.  Hopefully Ephriam won't mind!
Hope you like the progress so far.  Thanks to everyone for all their feedback, it's so helpful for me.
It's a long weekend in St John's, so I will be planting flowers outside (weather permitting) and "planting" leaves inside!
Until the next time....

Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Rare Book & A Lot of Mess

I had purchased this engraved sign several years ago, I think from Grandpa's Dollhouse.  I've had it so long I've forgotten.  Liz you can chime in if it was from you.  I wanted to add it to the bookstore, but the only place was down close to the bottom, next to the flower pot, but I had to push it off to one side.  Once everything is in place, I think it will be okay.

Between working on all the shops in the street scene and the garden shed, all at the same time, it looks like a bomb has gone off in my work room!  I should be too embarrassed to show you this, but this is the sign of a creative mind right!

I've been using my green thumb (laughing silently to myself, green thumb all right!) to grow artificial flowers and vines around all my projects.  I think these will have a better chance of living than those I planted outside last year. (I live on an island in the Atlantic Ocean, and we have about two months of summer).  But I digress, more to share on my miniature landscaping in my next post.  For now I think I had better start cleaning up this workroom so I can have some working space!
Until the next time.....

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Toronto Trip and more purchases

I had a few more purchases to show you from my Toronto trip.  I purchased this beautiful matching "Louis Vuitton" purse and shoes.  These were made by the very talented, Judith Blondell, our instructor for the wing chair workshop.  I'm going to use them in the window display of "Doreen's Fine Things".

Remember the great logos I purchased from Grandpa's Dollhouse, these are also used on the purse.  I have lots of ideas for future projects like this.

I was so pleased with the wing chair I built that I decided to buy a second chair kit.  This one is a club chair and ottoman.  Here's all the assorted parts and pieces.

Judith even turned the legs on a lathe herself.  She is so talented.

When it's completed, it's suppose to look like this.
I think I will add the nailheads to the ottoman as well.  I've ordered extra nails, just for this purpose.
So that's all my purchases from the Toronto trip.  Since I didn't get to the Chicago Miniature Show after my Whitledge-Burgess workshop was cancelled, I got to spend all my "Mad Money" I had saved for this show in Toronto instead.
On another positive note, I have received my second kit from Whitledge-Burgess that I ordered rather than get a refund on the workshop.  Another item for my very very very long list of projects is now the Equistrian Suite kit from W-B.  Here's a few pictures of the finished project that I got from their web site.

Don't you just love the paneled walls and coffered ceiling, it's going to be so much fun to work on this kit.
Oh and by the way, I start back at my studies this evening.  Final year and I will be completed by professional designation.  I wasn't planning to go back until September, but an opportunity to start early came up, and I didn't think I had enough on my   Okay I am simply not the type of person who can sit still for very long, I have to be constantly doing something!
 Wish me luck, I'll be old and gray by the time I complete all the projects,  oh wait, I am ......gray... but a good colour covers that up!
Until the next time....