Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Kitchen Island

I've been working away today on the garden shed, but there's nothing to show because it's just been cutting wood and gluing on the siding. I also painted the window and corner boards, and started work on the door. So I've gotten a lot completed, just nothing worth showing. So I thought I would show you a piece that I purchased last September at Camp Mini Ha Ha, which is a Miniature Camp in Nova Scotia that is held every year. If you want to know more about the camp, check out this link! It's a great week with 40 women creating miniatures and enjoying each other's company.

Last year was my first trip, but I'd known about the camp for 3 years prior, but the time conflicted with a business trip on the previous years. This year we are building a room from a Tudor style castle. I'm very excited about it. Last year we each built a shop. My shop is the bakery that is pictured at the top of my blog.

Each year they hold a auction with items donated. This auction raises money to assist those who cannot afford the camp fees, but are interested in miniatures. At last year's auction, I bid and won this kitchen island. It was made by Liz Dielman of Grandpa's Dollhouse and Dale Perry of Petite Images They both attended the camp. They both have online stores as well, and Dale also has a storefront as well.
I love the attention to detail on the island. I think they did a fabulous job.
I also want to welcome the 6 new followers. Hello to:
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Minnie Kitchen said...

wow... you have the most interesting mini items!love it~

Lataina said...

Hi Wanda! I couldn't find an email for you, but I wanted to Thank You for the Welcome! And also "beautifulminiblessings" is not my blog. I do not have a blog myself. I am new to the world of minis and for now I am truly enjoying all the wonderful blogs you all have. =)