Monday, May 28, 2012

More Pictures of the Garden Fence

I've gotten my new camera charger, and was able to get more pictures of the garden fence with more detail.  Have a look.  Hope you like.

This is the one completed side.  You can see a bit of the forsythia I made from scratch from the other side of the fence.

This shows my tulips close up.  The first tulips I made I forgot to make the centers black, so you see those here.  I've since corrected that error in my later tulips.  The daisies were from a swap with Ira and the lilies were from a swap with Kim .  The Hyacinths are also made by me.  They were my first try at a flower from scratch, no kit.

The lilies and daffodils were from a swap with Kim.  I just love the daffodils, it's a flower that I would love to attempt to make myself, but it looks a little more complicated.  Kim doesn't have a blog that I am aware of, otherwise I would provide the link. 

The pansies were from a swap with Monica, aren't they wonderful!  The rest are ready made flowers, and bits of full size artificial flowers that I have taken small sprigs.  I still have to add some "mulch" at the end of the flower bed, I can see it's missing in the picture.  Photos help to see so much that you don't see with the naked eye.

I love the morning glory wrapped around the corner of the fence, it was a purchased item made from clay.  You can see my tulips and hyacinths peeping out on both sides.

As of today I have over 200 followers, which absolutely amazes this absentee blogger.  I cannot expressed my gratitude in your interest in my ramblings about my mini adventures.  I'm going to go through my mini collection and see what I can offer up as a thank you draw for your interest.  Stay tune, I'll be back in a day or so with a draw.  Once again, thank you to all the people who take the time to follow my blog.  I know I learn so much from fellow bloggers, and I hope that I helping someone else in return.

Also thank you to the followers who have been leaving the kind comments on my past postings.  This encouragement is helping me to go back to my workroom each day.

Until next time...........



Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Bakery's Bicycle

In the earlier planning phases of my bakery, I knew I wanted a bicycle outside the door with a wicker basket loaded with baked goods.  I've been searching for the perfect bicycle ever since, and to date have not found anything in the right size, look, and price point.  Recently I purchased this white metal bicycle that was the right size and price, but that was about it.  Now I had to turn it into the bicycle that I envisioned for the storefront.

Sorry I can't find the picture of the bicycle before I started to paint it, so I had to use the picture from the retailer's web site.  You can see it's just a basic piece of white metal miniatures.

I found this picture on the intranet and it was my inspiration for the bicycle I actually wanted for my bakery scene.

So I sprayed my entire bicycle with a metallic paint and then added in the green and black shades afterwards.  Then I added some antiquing and rust, and this was the end results.

Once I photographed it, I realized it still wasn't quite the look I was after, I wanted a wicker basket.  I had two choices, I could cut off the wire basket and weave a wicker basket, or I could use the metal basket already in place and weave waxed cord through the existing framework.  I went with the second choice, but I had to add a few more wires, because there were no wires in the corners of the existing basket.  At any rate, four hours later, and cramped fingers and elbows, this is the end result!

Now I have to load up the basket and the back shelf and the bicycle is ready to go.  I'm pleased with the end results.  Now it's back to flower making for the shed.

Thank you to the new followers for taking an interest, I am getting very close to 200 followers which is amazing since I was an absentee blogger for the past year.

It's back to work tomorrow, so hopefully I can continue more mini making and blogging in the evenings.

Until next time...


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Blooming flowers around the fallen fence

I've been doing very well in the workshop this week.  I've almost completed one section of the gardening on the shed.  I thought you would like to have a peak at my progress.

Sorry that the picture isn't clearer, I just realized this morning that I must have left my camera recharger in the hotel room on my last business trip, and unfortunately that was out of the country, so it's gone.  I had to go out searching for a new camera charger, but in the meanwhile I took this one picture with my I-Pad.  I'll take more with my camera once it's recharged!

I've used some of my handmade flowers, plus some I received from a swap last year, some purchased flowers and some foliage from full size flowers, where I just took a sprig from.  I like the overall look for the flower bed.  You can barely see the fence anymore. I'll try not to cover the fence in too much on the next side.  You can just see a peak of the forsythia I made from the inside of the fence.  Still have to add more flowers to that side before I show you that side.  But it looks like I will have to start making a lot more flowers, this one bed took up almost all my stash of flowers, and I need a lot more for this section, plus I have an even larger flower bed under the window box.  Looks like I will be busy at flower making, but I do love making the flowers.

You can see I have also completed the trim around the entire scene as well.  I was hoping to find some old barn board for this task, but I was not fortunate to find a piece worth using, so I took a regular molding and treated it with "Weather It" and it seems to have done the trick.

I hope you like my progress so far.  If you have any questions about the flowers, don't hesitate to ask. 

Thank for you all your kind comments about the chair I showed you in my last posting.  A couple people commented on the fabric.  I love it.  I found it at a local quilt shop, and I purchased a yard in two colours.  It has a real Victorian feel about it, but it's just brighten up with a little gold detailing in it, which makes it sparkle.  I don't know where I will use the second colour I purchased, it's green, but it's added to my large fabric stash now.

Until next time.....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm back............

I feel so guilty for not having posted in a year.  For so long I didn't even read any blogs and my workshop was quiet.  Real life sometimes sends you so many curve balls that the things you enjoy doing kind of sink into the background.  I took this week off work just to relax and rejuvenate myself.  I sat down to a computer and just started to read some of the many fabulous miniature blogs out there. 

I also enjoy checking out what others are reading and found Ray Whitledge's new blog at  Attending one of Whitledge-Burgess workshops has been on my bucket list for a long time, so I was immediately impressed that Ray was sharing his work online on his blog.  I sank in every word he wrote and devoured every picture like a starving person.  I sent him a comment, and he was so kind to respond back to me on my blog.

That was just the inspiration I needed to go down into my workshop today.  I have stepped into the workshop on the rare occasion in the past year, tore apart a miniature chair, left it alone, started to stain and sand the wood, then left it alone, came back and recovered the pieces, left it alone, started to glue in back together, then left it are getting the picture I take  But at last one chair is completed, but I still have one more to go.  It will someday find it's way into my castle room.

It started as the cream chair shown below, then there's a shot of the second chair torn apart, and my finished chair.

It's unbelieveable that while I have deserted my post for a year, people have still dropped by to read my ramblings.  I have climbed to 194 followers in my absense.  Thanks for taking an interest in my work, when even I had not taken any interest it, I am trully grateful.  I have so much reading to catch up on all of your blogs as well.  I have regained my inspiration.

It looks like blogger as made changes to their format in the past year, and my template also seems to have changed.  I'll try to make some changes here as well. So mini things to do......

I'm off to paint a white metal bike now to make it look old and rusted to go in front of my miniature bakery.

Thank you to each and everyone for inspiring me with your work.