Thursday, June 17, 2010

Arrival of new minis!!

Isn't it great to receive a package of new miniatures! I had to order replacement blades for my Easy cutter, so I took the opportunity to order a few extra items, and today everything arrived. It feels like Christmas morning when these packages arrive.

I got some great items for inside my garden shed. I love the garden rake and tiller, I'll need to "age" the rake. The boots, which don't show clearly in the photo are great. I might "plant" some plants in the boots and place outside the shed.

I purchased the garden hose, but it's a bit two plastic looking, so I may have to work some magic on this item also. I also got more garden tools, and other types of tools.
Don't you just love the washbucket and washboard. I wondered if I could "store" it in the shed, with a little antiquing. If not I will use it in another mini project!
I also received another pair of hinges for the doors. I had ordered them on an earlier purchase, but I failed to think that since I had two doors, I needed TWO PAIR of hinges....dah....and when the package arrived I realized I had only ordered one pair. So today I have the pair for the other door, so now I have no excuse I can make the door to the shed.

Most importantly I got a replacement blade for my cutter, so now I have no excuse to not get the roof pieces cut, so that's my weekend project with the holiday weekend approaching!!

So now I have got to get back to work, finishing this project!! I will, I will, I will complete this project!!!

And I have three more followers to welcome! Hello to...

Thanks for taking an interest in what I am doing. I find it so wonderful to have followers from all over the world. Considering I'm in Canada and I have no Canadian followers, but instead have followers from Europe, Australia, South America, United States, United Kingdom, and many more. The internet makes the world such a small place.

I thought you may be interested in exactly where I live. Here's a great map to put it in perspective. St John's is located where the exclamation mark is shown. St John's is the oldest city in North America, and located on the most easterly point of North America. There's only a large pond between myself and my new friends!!

Thanks for taking an interest!


Flor said...

Que maravilla de cosas!!¡felicidades!!
Y me encanta poderte ubicar en el mapa ¡Gracias!

maria said...

Lovely items you purchased, especilly the boots.
I love how your shed is coming together.
Maria from Holland

maria said...

Thanks for following my blog.