Sunday, June 20, 2010

garden shed progress

I'm still actively working on the garden shed, but there isn't a lot to show for it in pictures. I am very pleased with two things I have accomplished though. The ridge beam has a double 45 degree cut on the top, running the full length of the beam. Likewise the fascia boards have a single 45 degree cut running the full length of the fascia. Problem is, I don't have power saws to make such cuts.

But I have accomplished it. I did in manually with an Xacto knife and sand paper. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I tried to take pictures of the cuts, but it was challenging zooming in to show the detail, so I apologize for the blurriness. Keep in mind that these boards are close to 13" long with these cuts running the full length. I've just focused in on the very end to show the detail.

On another note, I thought I show you something more interesting. One of the main delays with creating miniatures is drying time for glues and paints. So many times I work on several projects, but space does become challenging then. One thing I find is a great filler for the time in between is my rug making. I've been making miniature rugs since I started making miniatures over 20 years ago. I enjoy it tremendously. There are times I don't touch the rugs for months, but then I find I have long stretches where I work on them constantly between other minis.

I thought I would share with you some of the rugs I have completed. This is the first two I've done. Both patterns came from miniature rug books. The rug is in 28 count and the runner is in 32 count. Again I've tried to zoom in to show you more details on the runner, sorry I've got lots to learn about my camera.

In the picture above there is also a picture of a pillow I have stitched, but yet to assemble. The blue rug is one my sister stitched for me. It's on 18 count.

Above is the close up of the runner.
Again I have to welcome one more follower.
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Also yesterday in my posting I welcomed Latiana and said that her blog was Beautiful Mini Blessings. I made a mistake and I apologize to the owner of this blog. Latiana doesn't have a blog but is following lots of blogs and this was one of the one she was following. Latiana, thanks for letting me know! And thanks for following my blog. I followed blogs for many months without having a blog myself. I was so inspired by other's blogs that I decided to have my own blog. I also hoped having my own blog would give me more discipline to finish my projects. Now I am accountable to all the followers who want to see the finish projects!! Thanks again for your interest.


Irene said...

Your rugs are lovely.

As for your camera, I had to be shown this as well! - look for the little flower setting (or similar). It allows you to take close ups - my close up distance is 28" max - yours may be different but it'll be there.

Evelien said...

Love your stitchwork! I love embroidery too, so I know how much work goes into these rugs. Good tip to use it as 'dry-time-filling" ;)

groetjes Evelien

Sans! said...

Hello Wanda, thank you for your interest in my blog :). Yours look really interesting :). I love stitching too and like you, stitch as a filler :). Love your runner, it's amazing !! I know cos I have just started on 25 count and not doing such a good job :).

Wanda said...

Thanks for all the tips ladies. Irene I checked out your suggestion on the close ups, and I have the flower setting. I'll look up more in the manual and try for the next time. Evelien, I have more rugs I'll show in the coming week too. You are correct, they are extremely time consuming, but I love the satisfaction of completing a rug. Sans, I still find 32 count challenging, but it's the count I love the most now. Good luck with your project, would love to see pictures!