Saturday, September 29, 2012

My minutes at the fair continue!

In my last post I left everyone waiting anxiously at the fair.  I thought my posting was starting to get long and rambling so I thought I should cut it back!  Thanks for the feedback so far.  I have adjusted my comment verification word again, and within minutes I received about 10 spam comments.  So even though I have still left off the verification word, your comments will come to me first for moderation.   I hope that works for everyone because I do so love all your feedback.

Now back to the fair!  I think I have worked my way around the perimeter of the room, now it's on to the tables in the middle! 

My next stop was at the table of Anabela Miniaturas.  Her work is absolutely lovely, I wanted it all....but at last I had to settle for two items, but then in the end I snuck back for a third item.  My first purchase was the lovely carpet bag.  It will be a great addition to the bedroom of my dollhouse.  Then I spied the most detailed little tassels.  For my castle room I am making a pair of curtains drawn back as you enter the tower room.  I have to make tie backs, and these little tassels will work perfect on the tiebacks.  They are laid across the back of the chair if you can't see the tassels!

Later I went back and purchased the bundle of stacked linens I had saw on my first visit to the table.  Here's a close up of them.  Aren't they just perfect.  They will also go in the dollhouse, either in the main bedroom or the closet of the bathroom.  I just love the attention to detail on them, and they are pressed perfectly flat.  Check out the link above for more of her wonderful work. 

She was a joy to speak with and even though I nearly scared her off with my $50 Euro note (I had just been to visit the Bank of Jeff just before I went to her table) I was able to go back and get smaller notes so that I didn't clear out all her change. We need a float when working at a fair!!
Next I saw a table with glassware.  Thinking I had found the same vendor from before I had to go back.  But to my surprise it was a new vendor, with exquisitely made glassware.  This vendor was Artesania En Vidrio.  They have wonderfully made pieces, there was so much to choose from, but after two visits to the table, I finally decided on this beautifully made footed fruit bowl.  Here's a close up of the piece.
Take the time and check out their web site because they have fantastic pieces including punch bowls with all the cups, ice buckets, vases and so much more.  It's exquisite.
Next I found Eva of Handmade of Eva Perendreu.  A face I recognize because I read her blog.  I introduced myself and in our mini way we communicated and best we could.  She has so many fantastic miniatures.  I loved her miniature shells, and even though these aren't a handmade item of hers I could see so many uses in my minis for them and just had to have a bag of them.
I've purchased mini shells before, but these are the smallest ones I have ever seen.  Someone has been busy collecting these on the beaches!  Eva, thanks for your wonderful welcome at the fair, it was nice to make the connection.

My next visit was to the table of My French Cuisine.  They had wonderful miniature molds for pastery making, and I so regret not picking up some of them.  Actually my funds were running low and I didn't think the Bank of Jeff was going to spot me for another time!  But since I have been collecting bottles for a future wine celler project I just had to have this wonderful bottle.  Yes, it's champagne and not wine, but who's going to look that closely!  I just love it.  Here's a close up.
They also have an Etsy store as well as the blog listed above.  Check this out also.  They are closed on holidays right now, but due to open any day.
Next I visited Sophia Miniatures table.  Again I purchaed more trims and cords, but this time I also got these wonderful rose buds and taller flowers.  I think these are import flowers, but I could be corrected on this.  I am basing this on the price, because they were very inexpensive.  I know they will work great in the garden shed project.  It was a busy table, but it was worth the wait to get the items.
The remaining items I purchased at the fair were supplies, but still worth noting. I got this wonderful grab bag of assorted laces and trims from Maria Barbon (Sorry I tore the label trying to open up the bag). The bag contained ribbons, and trims perfect to use as bullion fringe and other great laces.  Maria is a dollmaker, but since I don't collect dolls, it's still nice to get these trims to use in my projects.  Check out her blog.  She does exquisite work.
The next table I visited was Minithings from  They had the most unique trims that could be used to edge windows, mirrors, furniture etc.  It's made from paper and finished with a gold paint.  I purchaed these two packages thinking I might be able to use them as stair rods.  Just an idea, if it doesn't work it has so many other possibilities.  Here's a close up of them.  (Sorry for the glare from the camera flash).  Check out their site for many wonderful products that have so many uses.
By this time my husband informed me that my time was up, I can't believe he is still telling me that I was there for hours.  It still feels like just ten minutes.  There were so many other tables that I wanted to go back to that were so busy I was there it was impossible to get to their tables.  I am sorry I was able to make it back. 

I hope in some way I have returned the kindness I found in Barcelona by promoting these wonderful artisans on my blog in the last several postings.  Please take the time and visit the links provided.

A big thank you to another Eva, Eva Fernandez at  She so kindly provided me with all the names and addresses of the miniature stores before I left for my trip.  When I got to go to the fair, simply because of a delayed flight, I was sad to have missed her there.  She was there the entire day, but our paths did not cross.  It will have to be another day for that visit.  Also thank you for filling in the blank on so much information in the past several postings when I didn't know the names or web sites for these wonderful artisans.

I so loved my time in Barcelona, and wish I could go back tomorrow.  I wish I had gotten the time to find miniatures in the other European cities we visited as well, but these were visited on one day shore excursions with groups of people, who probably wouldn't have tolerated me wanting to find miniature stores in every city.  But stay tuned, I did find a miniature museum in Italy.  I'll post about that on another day.

A big welcome to all the new followers, I am so pleased you have taken the time to follow my blog and my ramblings.

Until the next time....

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My trip to the miniature fair!!

Well after a little arm twisting and convincing my husband we could manage the Barcelona Metro off we went, first to Sagrada Familia, and then to the MINIATURE FAIR!!!  You can see I can't contain my excitement.  In fear that no one would speak english I took my I-pad complete with a translation App, but no fear, miniatures have a language all their own, and the I-Pad never came out of my bag!!  Actually I wished it wasn't there so I could have room for more miniature purchases in the bag!  Why didn't I bring a larger bag, what was I thinking!!

First I figured since it wasn't a store, Visa wasn't being accepted, so our next stop was to a ATM.  That was easy, maybe I should have taken out more Euros, we'll see!  The kind lady at the door spoke English, perfect, paid our entrance fee and there we were!!  We are inside, I am so overwhelmed I never took a picture the entire 10 minutes I was there.  My husband said we were there for hours, but I am sure his watch wasn't working because it only felt like 10 minutes to me.  It just wasn't enough time.  Even though hubby is very supportive of my hobby, after about 5 minutes he found a chair off to one side, and later a counter serving beer, and even a nice man who feed him that wonderful Iberian Ham that they have in Barcelona.  Now how did he manage that.  Not that I am complaining because food was the last thing on my mine.

I shopped, and shopped, and I debated at one point sneaking out the door to go across the street for more Euros at the ATM, do you think my husband would notice?  Maybe I shouldn't chance it!  Anyway, I went back to him and got more money from the Bank of Jeff, that worked just as well!!

Okay where do I start with all my wonderful purchases, so many it may take two postings, or I will bore you to death with my ramblings!!  Never, it's miniatures, right?!  Locally made by fantastic artisans!  Right?!

The first person I ran into was Laura from Evolve, we said hello and I made my first purchase.  I saw some lovely polymer canes, pizza slices no least.  Now I don't think I will use it for a pizza, but it has so many possibilities.  These are made by Angie Scarr.  Okay she isn't a local artisan, but an artisan never the less!

Next it was off to another table, and I made my first mistake for the day.  I NEVER TOOK A CARD FROM THIS TABLE.  So I don't know the sellers name, but it was a wonderful collection of miniature trims and ribbons.  Great for adding that special detail to my miniatures.  Very reasonably priced at 1 euro per skein.  I think I will add cording to the miniature chair I reupholstered for the castle room (shown below).  Beautiful straw to make a lady's hat or purse maybe?  Any lovely picot trim to finish off window treatments in the room boxes!
Then it was my first artisan purchase.  I saw these wonderful embroidered cushions at Cati Miniatures table.  I knew they would look perfect in the armchair of the castle roombox.  Aren't they just exquisite!  Check out their web site at
We got a little confused with the transaction and the language barrier, but we eventually completed the transaction.  I was like a child holding out the euros and waiting for my change!!
Then I saw more magazines, maybe I can get some great deals on secondhand magazines. My husband kindly reminds me of the weight that is going to be in my luggage, but I still have to look, right?!   The lady behind the table starts to talk to me, but wait a minute, she's talking to me in Spanish, I don't understand. I apologize in English that I don't speak Spanish, she chuckles, "oh good, you speak English, I speak that better, she was from the Netherlands!!" It's so funny, we starting chatting and we find out her sister use to live in St John's, our hometown!! The world is so small.
Then I saw jewelery findings at the next table, wow, I could finally make my own lamps. Unfortunately the seller doesn't speak any English, but the kind lady from the Netherlands becomes our translator. I got lots of jewelery findings and some wonderful miniature corded beads for miniature jewelery. The vendor was called PtitesKoses. They also had wonderful miniature lamps and kits to make lamps. Check them out at I actually went back twice to this table. I just had to have a few more items.

The next vendor was Lolittle Miniatures.  Have you ever purchased a miniature without even knowing where you are going to use it, but just had to have it because it was just so unique.  Well this is the case at Lolittle Miniatures.  The miniature coiled notebooks were exquisite.  It's amazing that they could punch the holes that perfect and insert that coil.  I have no idea which setting it will eventually end up in, but I had to have it!  Sorry for the condition of the business card.  I was trying to ensure that I assigned the right vendor to each product so I placed the business cards in the bags with each purchase, and the bag for the book was a tiny ziplock bag.  So I had to fold the card to fit into the bag.  There is a method to my madness, but it works!  This vendor did not appear to have a web site listed on their business card, but you can see that they make a lot of different items.  (It would also helped if I had turned the card over to the English side before I took the photograph!)

The next vendor made the most exquisite miniature dresses.  One will work perfect in the child's room of my dollhouse. It came complete with a little bonnet!  I don't normally put dolls in my projects, but I always love to add clothing, it gives it that lived in feel.  The vendor was Vistiendo Suenos.  They have a web site at  Check out the site, it is extremely extensive and they make much more than the little dresses!

I am about half way through my trip around the fair at this point, five minutes right, since I still think I was only there 10 minutes, I think the new watch I bought for my husband is definitely not working correctly. 
I think I have rambled on long enough for today, so I will keep my other purchases for my next posting.  Just got to leave you in suspense!!
Before I leave, a big thank you to all the new followers.  I see that many are from Spain, I guess the news has gotten around about the crazy Canadian who invaded their city.  It was so wonderful.  Thank you for taking the interest in my blog.  I hope my postings on your wonderful artisans will be a good thank you in return.
Until the next time.............

Monday, September 24, 2012

My mini shopping continues

Thanks for all the wonderful comments, and especially those from the miniature artisans I featured in the last two postings and the stores that I visited.  After we left Ananda it was on to Evolve.  This also was one of the stores closed on my first visit, but this time I was in luck!  Excellent!

I was starting to feel a little guilty over all my purchases at this point, it seemed I was getting a little carried away, but I quickly forgot those feelings as soon as I stepped through the door. 
I noticed immediately that Evolve had a lot of very modern miniatures.  They were fabulous.  Check out some of them at  Aren't they fabulous?!! 
Unfortunately I have no modern miniature projects, so I had to search a little harder to find items that suited my projects that I am presently working on or plan to do in the future.  Then at last I spied the perfect miniature trunk at the back of the store.  WOW!  It was fabulous.  I could see it working perfectly in the attic room of my dollhouse! 
Laura was busy serving someone else so I had to wait and find out the price.  I could see a little write up about it in the showcase, but unfortunately I couldn't read Spanish either!!  But while I continued to browse around the store I did find more Miniaturas magazines!  Four more to add to my collection.  Yippee. 
And then I spied it, a copy of Lea Frisoni's Maison Miniature.  Yes I know it's completely in French, but since I'm buying Spanish magazines, I guess I can also learn to translate a french miniature book. 
Then I discovered some miniature flower kits.  Excellent more flowers for the garden shed.  At this point through the intervention of a kind customer who helped with the translation, I discovered unfortunately the book was Laura's own personal copy that had been left on the shelf!!  So sad, it was not to be. 
 But miniaturist have their own language and Laura and I did our best to communicate.  The trunk was an upcoming workshop and unfortunately was not available complete or in kit form.  In my researching since my visit I think I've discovered it was made by Olga Ascensio.  You can check out all her wonderful trunks at  Now I know I can still get a similar one in the future.  Yippee again!  Can't you just feel my enthusiam on the page!
But I was able to get my flower kits and Miniaturas magazines, and Laura was kind enough to also tell me about the Fair for the next day.  I was still arm twisting my husband at this point, so you will have to wait for one other posting. 

For now I have six flower kits to assemble!  Sunflowers, poppies and what I thought was Forget Me Knots, but in the brouchure I found on Evolve's blogs it was listed as Wild Flowers.  Apparently it had been another workshop by Rosa Casanellas offered at the store.  So I was able to get some of these kits.  I googled Rosa Casanellas and found the most wonderful miniature room box through Picasa Web Albums but I couldn't find a web site, maybe someone can jump in here and let me know if she has a web site!!  The room box I saw was so colourful, in was great!
Once I got home I realized the kits had no instuctions or even a picture of them finished, but thanks to the Evolve's web site and Facebook page I found the add for the workshop, and now I have a picture to follow.  It would be wonderful to live in a city that offered all these miniature workshops.  I would love it, but I would be broke as well.  Thankfully I did have this one opportunity to visit and make these purchases.

So now I have to make my kits look as wondeful as the prototypes!  Stay tuned.
From here it's back to the hotel for a bit of lunch and then we were off to visit more of the Barri Gothic area of Barcelona.  We had only quickly walked through there several weeks before on my way to Drap.  We want to discover more of this wonderful area!
Stay tuned for the next day at the miniature fair, where I definitely got a lot carried away, but oh the fun I had.
Until the next time..........

Saturday, September 22, 2012

My trip to Ananda

I had said at the end of my last posting that after our trip to Drap, we had walked to two other miniature stores in Barcelona, to find out that they were closed.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) we had to leave after that for our Mediterrenean cruise, but no worries I still had two extra days in Barcelona at the end of our vacation thanks to a cancellation by our airline! Yippee!!

As soon as we departed the ship and were safely checked back in our hotel, we headed out again to the two miniature stores.  The next on my list was Ananda cases i nines.  I was absolutely overwhelmed with the wonderful selection.  The lady who served me (sorry I failed to get her name) was wonderful, and they had this wonderful little dog to keep us entertained during our visit as well.

Again I picked up lots of miniatures from local artisans, including those directly involved with Ananda.  We struggled through our language barrier, so hopefully I have recorded all the information on the artisans correctly.  Please feel free to correct me or add more, I would greatly appreciate it.

You can see I got a little carried away again.  The table and chair are from my own collection and just used as props to showcase my purchases again.

The yummy looking cake was made by Judith Tarruella.  I understand from Ananda's website she is one of four artisans affiliated with the store.  Doesn't the case look great sitting on the counter of my bakery?

Judith also made the lovely basket of breads and bag of breads sitting proudly on the shelf outside my bakery window.  I had hoped to put the carrier bad of bread in the bike I had painted, but unfortunately the bag was a little large for it.  I may build a box for the back of the bike and try it there.  But for now it looks great on the shelf.

Next was the work of Pilar Sampietro, one of the co-owners of Ananda.  Here are some close ups of these pieces.

I just loved the embroidery frame with the sewing supplies.  I even purchased a few extra spools to lay around.  I am hoping to use this either in my dollhouse bedroom or the castle room.  Still haven't decided yet.
The two pillows are planned to go in the dollhouse bedroom and I am hoping to use the hat boxes either in the same room or the ladies shop that has yet to be built.  (I have the kit and many of the pieces for the interior already, I know, as the name of my blog says, SO MINI PROJECTS!)
Don't you just love the metal chair with the floral arrangement and the fern.  Both are made at Ananda as well, but I am unsure which artisan.  Maybe someone can help here again.  The chair will definitely be placed outside the garden shed, but I plan to use the fern in the castle room.

The jar of cookies, which you can barely see in the first picture.  I thought they would be a great addition to my bakery.  I understand from the lady who helped us that they are made by someone at the store.  I am not sure if it's Pilar or Judith, maybe someone can jump in here and clarify.

The flowers were also made by Judith Tarruella at Ananda as well.  I think they will work great in my garden shed scene.  (The vase was a previous purchase from another shop).

Okay I think I have fallen in love with the glasswork from Salvador Marge.  I still haven't found any information on this artisan, but I purchased more at Ananda.  Four lovely wine goblets and a flower vase.  I just love the gold and pink irridscent look to the edges of the glassware.  Again I plan to use the glassware in my wine cellar or possibly the castle and the vase will definitely be used in the castle.

Okay I broke my rules again and purchased an import item at Ananda.  But it will look wonderful in my ladies shop!!
The lovely lady in the shop then handed me a card for the miniature fair being held in Barcelona the next day.  I had read about it months earlier but had realized it started the day we left, so I would not be able to attend.  But thanks to the gods we were suppose to leave to fly home the next morning but due to a cancellation with our airline we were now staying one more day, which meant I could attend the fair, if I could convince my husband to brave the Metro and get around Barcelona the next day.  You have to understand that we are from a small city of only 150,000 people with no subway, so for him it was intimidating.  I travelled so much for my work, that I had gotten acustom to subways before so I was a little more confident.  I still have a little convincing to do, but for now, we had another miniature shop to visit, Evolve.  More about that visit in my next posting.
Hope you like the miniature works of the local artisans from Barcelona.  Check out the Ananda link at the top of the posting!
A big welcome to the new followers, two of whom are the artisans featured in my last posting.  A big hello to
Olga Arsensio de Haro,
Francesca Martinez
Thanks for the interest in the blog.
Until the next time...........

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Visit to Drap

The first miniature store I visited in Barcelona was Drap.  After a walk through the beautiful Barri Gothic area of Barcelona we found Drap Cases de Nines & Minatures.  Thanks to Eva who gave me the information on all three of the miniature stores in the Barcelona area.

I was so excited when I got to Drap, my husband became photographer to document the moment.

I had several goals for my miniature purchases in Europe.  I wanted items that would work in my current projects, within my budget (including all the birthday monies I had received, we travelled to Barcelona on my birthday).  I didn't want miniature building supplies that I could easily pick up online in North America.  But most importantly, I wanted items from local miniaturist in Europe.

I knew my lack of the local language would be an hindrance, but thanks to all the local store owners and staff, and in one case the customer, we overcame this challenge. 

At Drap I purchased the following (not the table, just using that has a backdrop):-

Several months ago I saw an article in American Miniaturist magazine on Montserrat Folch, a miniature artist in Spain.  Knowing I would be travelling to Spain, I promptly sent her an email asking if there were any stores in Barcelona carrying her products, since she didn't live in Barcelona.  I didn't get a response, but no worries, considering my email was in English, I knew I ran the risk.  But I was in luck, the first thing I saw when I walked into Drap was her miniature work.  I promptly swept up two pieces.  I am hoping to use these in my miniature castle roombox.  Check out Montserrat Folch's other works at  You will definitely be impressed when you see how often her work has been published!

My next purchase is for my minature bakery.  Don't you just love this apple pie.  It's made by Montserrat Rique.  I was not familiar with this artisan, but I was impressed with their work.  I tried googling the name, but I was unsuccessful in finding more information.  Maybe someone can let me know.

Update:  Thanks to Carmen, the web site for Montserrat Rique is  Check out the wonderful site!

The next item I purchased was made by Savador Marge.  I was so impressed with the glassware of this artisan I made purchases in three of the venues I visited.  Again I tried googling the artisan but I was unsuccessful in finding something.  Hopefully I have spelled the names correctly.  Again maybe a Spanish follower can add more information for me.  I will probably use this in the castle or maybe even the bakery, filled with wonderful treats.

I've always loved Burberry bags, and now I have one in miniature.  It's made by Olga Asensio.  Again I tried googling this artisan, and could only find the name at the Swan House, but the items shown were different, so I was concerned that I have assigned the wrong artisan to this bag.  Again maybe someone can correct me on this.  I want to ensure I give the artisans credit for their work.  Again I think it will look great in either the castle room (which will be decorated for today's time period) or even sitting at a table scene outside the bakery.
Another update, again thanks to Carmen, the web site for Olga Asensio de Hara is  Check out the wonderful items of her site, wow!!

The first miniature item I made was a dollhouse and like so many miniaturist, I moved on to other projects without ever finishing it.  It's still on my list, but one room is papered as a little girl's bedroom.  The little teddy bear will work wonderfully there.  It's made by Francesca Martinez (Gina),  Again I put Google to work and found her on Etsy.  She has a lovely shop called Petitissim there, check it out.

Update:  She also has a blog. Check it out at

Lastly I broke my criteria with my next purchase.  I've owned a curio that was built for me about twenty years ago to house my miniatures.  I've never like the door on the curio, and I've always wanted to change the curio to a dollhouse front and have even gone as far as drawing out the facade of the house.  I had drawn a door pattern, but had given up the idea when I couldn't source the door anywhere.  Will to my delight hanging in the architectural components area of Drap was the door I had drawn.  Will I had to have it.

I also purchased four Minaturas magazines.  Even though they are in Spanish, the pictures are so descriptive I will have no problem following along.
So my visit to the first miniature store in Barcelona was an absolute success.  Later that afternoon my husband and I walked to the other two stores in Barcelona, but I had forgotten about Siesta time in Spain, and both stores were closed!  I would have to visit them when I returned to Barcelona after our Mediterrenean cruise.  More on that in my next posting since this one has gotten so long winded.  Hope the local people of Barcelona can add more on these artisans!
A big shout out to all the new followers who have elected to follow along.  Thanks so much in your interest in my miniature ramblings.
Until the next time.......

Saturday, September 15, 2012


It's been several weeks since I last posted and during that time I have been in 11 countries.  To say the least it feels like I have been around the world and back again, but what fun I have had! An entire week of this time has been spent in Barcelona, Spain where I have been in miniature heaven, not including the fabulous food, places and culture!  Today is our last day in Europe and tomorrow we head back to Canada, with a quick trip to Montreal for a day while on route back to Newfoundland.

During my time in Barcelona I have visited three wonderful miniature shops, and thanks to a cancelled flight that bumped us to the next day, today I got to visit a miniature fair in Barcelona called Fira d'Artesans Miniaturistes.  My husband and I braved the Barcelona subway system and made our way quickly to the fair and back.  We met several local miniaturist, many of them from the blogs I read and I had a wonderful time.  (My husband patiently waited and drank and ate the local drinks and food!  And also provided funds each time I went over my

What a wonderful time I had, and such wonderful minis I purchased.  When I get back in Canada I will post pictures of the wonderful things I collected.  I was able to post one picture of the advertisement for the fair.  More pictures to come once I get back home.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who made this trip the best ever and especially to the wonderful miniaturist of Spain!

Until the next time.......