Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh My Fingers

You know printies make a miniature scene more realistic, but the way your fingers feel after cutting out 100's of them, feels even more real! Ouch! My fingers hurt, but progress is being made. Unfortunately there is not a lot to show. But I wanted to show you that I am actively working on the project each day.

These are the printies I still have to fold and glue. I have printed far too many, so I guess I have a lot to share!!

These are the printies I have glued already, but so many to be done!!
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Accessorizing the shed

Yesterday, I decided to hang the tools in the shed. I made up a board with some hooks (jewelry findings) and then glued everything in place. I like the results.

You can see the stain coming through from the outside finish on the shed. I had debated whether I would stain the interior of the shed so that the bleeding from the outside would be gone, but I decided that I liked the uneven colour of the interior. It's a shed!!! It isn't suppose to be finished on the inside!

I've been cutting so many garden printies, that I decided I should evaluate and see how many I actually really need. I decided to place the accessories I had in the shed and see what else I needed. Based on the other accessories I put in place today, I probably don't need a tenth of the hundreds of printies I have cut!! Oh well, I will have lots of printies to share I guess.

This is how the interior of the shed looks with some of the minis placed. Keep in mind that there are NO printies in the shed yet, so it may be a really crowded shed!!

Hope you like the work to date. Nothing is glued in place yet, I just wanted to get a feel for it.

I was going to make another table to go under the window and then I remembered I had a House of Miniatures dry sink that I had started to assemble years ago, and then realized that there were two drawer fronts missing. It's sat on a shelf ever since then, and I thought it's a perfect place for an old dry sink that can't be used in a kitchen. I might paint it to match the potting table. I have a little time to decide.

Overall I am pleased with the temporary placements. I have lots of glueing to do once the printies are placed. It will be difficult to access the interior once the roof is attached so I want to ensure nothing is going to move later!

I would love to have your feedback on everything!

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Flower Trellis

I'm so pleased with how my blog is making me focus on one task and stick with it. I feel that I am obligated to post something daily, to show that I am still working on the garden shed, which I am! In the words of Martha, "it's a good thing."

I have now completed the flower trellis for the side of the garden shed. I am pleased with how it turned out. I used an old macrame board that was close to 30 years old to ensure I kept everything in line!! It was a fairly easy project just a little slow because you had to wait for the glue to dry on each cross member before you could proceed to the next layer.

Now I have to decide on what vine I should make to grow on it. I have already made a clematis vine for my bakery, and I have a wisteria vine in progress for my dollhouse, so I am thinking I will try and make a grapevine. I have the necessary punch, it's only a matter of punching lots and lots of leaves, and shaping and varegating them. Also I would have to make lots of fimo grapes. I made a few bunches for indoor fruit arrangements, so I guess I would just have to make lots to fill the vine. Sounds very time consuming, but I think it will be a nice additional for the long outside wall of the shed that doesn't have a window. For now though, I need to concentrate on the inside of the shed so that I can attach the roof!!

Here's the vine, in progress, and propped against the garden shed wall. It's almost 7" high, so I will need a fairly large vine to cover it, and I think it will be nice if the vine follows up under the soffit of the roof line as well. So many ideas, so mini projects!! Oh well!

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Potting Bench is finished!

So now the final chapter in my potting bench refinished. I decided I would antique the table with cracking medium. So the colour you saw in the previous posting was the first coat, and what would be seen through the cracks of the paint, once I applied the crackling medium and the top coat. I used a light tan colour for the top coat. I had crackled tole painted wall art many years ago, but it's the first time I have tried it on my minis. I was a little afraid that the "cracks" would be out of scale. But I am pleased with the finished results.

Now I have to dress the potting table before I put it in place. I am hoping to make a second work table to go along side of it, but under the window. This one doesn't fit under the window with the back section, so I need to build another one without the hutch! This one will have to be from scratch.

I have also been busy working on refinishing many other items for the interior of the shed. A lot of the wood pieces I had were new, and I wanted them to look a little older and used.

Also I went looking through Ebay for some garden items that Carol of had recommended, and I saw several flower trellis there as well as the items Carol had recommended, and I thought I could build the trellis myself, so presently my trellis is in a clamp. Pictures to follow on all these items once I have them finished. I will be doing an Ebay order shortly as well to get all the great items I found through Carol's recommendation! Thanks Carol!

I am still busy cutting out printies such as seed packages and other related gardening items. My fingers are sore from this and I have resorted to using a rotary cutter as much as possible to help my poor fingers.

So I have been busy, there will be more pictures coming in later posts as I complete all these "Mini Projects."

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Potting Bench

I've been a busy little beaver with all these printies....or maybe it's a busy little cutter. My fingers hurt, and I have more than I need, just have to decide what to use. Thank you for everyone who gave me tips on where I could find more gardening themed printies!

Tonight have decided on how I am going to finish the potting bench. Right now I have the base coat applied, and it's far from how I plan it to look when it's finished, but I thought you might be interested in the progress so far.

It's a little RED!!! But it's not going to be like this when it's finished, but it was necessary to give it a red base coat if I am to achieve how I want it to look in the end. I am being very mysterious, and I am not going to say anymore. Surprise to follow tomorrow.....stay tune!!
Now it's back to my printie cutting....oh my fingers!!
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Doors Move!!

I have finally managed to get the hinges and latch on the garden shed doors, and they swing freely. It feels great, it was a finicky (is that a word)task. I still have not attached the front wall because I want to still be able to reach inside to place all the little items.

I have been busy making some printies for the shelves and work tables, but I am still searching for more items. It seems that there are lot of printies online, and I have saved a lot over the years, but the majority of the ones I can find related to gardening appear to be more vintage. I would like to have some current gardening items such as bags of lawn seeds, fertilizer, Miracle Grow boxes, etc, and I am finding these items challenging. I don't think I have the computer skills to create them myself. So if anyone can suggest where I can find these items, it would be appreciated.

I have also been working on flowers for the inside and outside of the shed. I have made some flowers in the past and they are extremely time consuming but very rewarding. I have made them from both kits and from scratch. So far I have made lots of hyacinth, from instructions given in Miniature Collector, hydrangea from kits, fuchsia from kits (Bonnie Lavish kits are awesome!). I made fern leaves from scratch using floral tape in the past for the flower boxes on my dollhouse. I am going to need tons, but I think this is something I can add to over time!

A big thank you to Irene of showed me the "Flower". That's the flower on my camera that allows me to take clearer close ups of the miniatures. All my close ups are a lot crisper now! Thanks a bunch for sharing the information.

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Hope you enjoy my postings, and I would love to have your feedback.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More of my minis

I have done a little bit of work on my garden shed, but nothing worth showing today, just glueing more shelves and cutting more pieces for the roof, and cutting out printies for the items I need for the inside of the shed. So since I had nothing new to show you on the garden shed I thought I would share pictures of some of the other items I have done other the years.

The first item is another one of the rugs that I have stitched. The one shown below was my second rug. It measures about 5x9 inches and it's stitched on 32 count linen. The colours are very soft and I am using it in the dining room of my victorian dollhouse. The pattern came from a booklet that I have long since sold, so I can't give you the designer's name unfortunately. It was the first rug I ever fringed and I wished I hadn't sold the pattern because the instructions for fringing were the best instructions I have ever had, and I have not been able to duplicate the technique since!

The next item I wanted to share is actually a House of Miniatures kit that I have completely bashed and I am very pleased with how it turned out. The bed started out as a small twin bed, and I added bed posts and length the headboard, and used the original bed post to create a trundle bed. The trundle bed is on brass castors that actually work! I still have to dress the beds, and I am considering adding a quilt rail between the two spindles on the footboard. More to follow on this bed, but I thought I would share my progress to date!

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Garden Shed

I've had a great day off from work, and spent the time working on the garden shed. I realized that if I attached the roof now, I would be very challenging adding built in shelving later. So I worked today on doing some built in shelving on the back wall of the shed.

You can see I used three legos as spacers between the shelves. Legos are great for jigs when assembling miniatures.

I also completed the front panel with the doors. I still haven't attached this panel, I want to make sure the doors can swing freely. I haven't attached the hardware yet, but in the picture it's laid in place just for show.

I still have to trim up the bottom of the doors a bit as well.

Between gluing time I searched through my collection of cutouts for suitable items for the garden shed. I found lots of seed packages and sacks, but I still need to find printies of items such as lawn seed bags, fertilizer, and similar items. Still have a bit of searching to do!

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

garden shed progress

I'm still actively working on the garden shed, but there isn't a lot to show for it in pictures. I am very pleased with two things I have accomplished though. The ridge beam has a double 45 degree cut on the top, running the full length of the beam. Likewise the fascia boards have a single 45 degree cut running the full length of the fascia. Problem is, I don't have power saws to make such cuts.

But I have accomplished it. I did in manually with an Xacto knife and sand paper. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I tried to take pictures of the cuts, but it was challenging zooming in to show the detail, so I apologize for the blurriness. Keep in mind that these boards are close to 13" long with these cuts running the full length. I've just focused in on the very end to show the detail.

On another note, I thought I show you something more interesting. One of the main delays with creating miniatures is drying time for glues and paints. So many times I work on several projects, but space does become challenging then. One thing I find is a great filler for the time in between is my rug making. I've been making miniature rugs since I started making miniatures over 20 years ago. I enjoy it tremendously. There are times I don't touch the rugs for months, but then I find I have long stretches where I work on them constantly between other minis.

I thought I would share with you some of the rugs I have completed. This is the first two I've done. Both patterns came from miniature rug books. The rug is in 28 count and the runner is in 32 count. Again I've tried to zoom in to show you more details on the runner, sorry I've got lots to learn about my camera.

In the picture above there is also a picture of a pillow I have stitched, but yet to assemble. The blue rug is one my sister stitched for me. It's on 18 count.

Above is the close up of the runner.
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Kitchen Island

I've been working away today on the garden shed, but there's nothing to show because it's just been cutting wood and gluing on the siding. I also painted the window and corner boards, and started work on the door. So I've gotten a lot completed, just nothing worth showing. So I thought I would show you a piece that I purchased last September at Camp Mini Ha Ha, which is a Miniature Camp in Nova Scotia that is held every year. If you want to know more about the camp, check out this link! It's a great week with 40 women creating miniatures and enjoying each other's company.

Last year was my first trip, but I'd known about the camp for 3 years prior, but the time conflicted with a business trip on the previous years. This year we are building a room from a Tudor style castle. I'm very excited about it. Last year we each built a shop. My shop is the bakery that is pictured at the top of my blog.

Each year they hold a auction with items donated. This auction raises money to assist those who cannot afford the camp fees, but are interested in miniatures. At last year's auction, I bid and won this kitchen island. It was made by Liz Dielman of Grandpa's Dollhouse and Dale Perry of Petite Images They both attended the camp. They both have online stores as well, and Dale also has a storefront as well.
I love the attention to detail on the island. I think they did a fabulous job.
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Friday, June 18, 2010

My workroom

I didn't get a chance to work at my garden shed today. We were able to change the blade in my Easy Cutter, which wasn't an easy task, but it has been accomplished.

I've been actively reading many blogs tonight, and I thought I would share pictures of the room that I use to create my miniatures. I renovated my workroom in January using Michael's Arts & Crafts storage cubes and a sheet of laminated board. I'm very pleased with the results. It's always a little untidy in the room, but I have lots of storage.

Unfortunately I left my computer memory stick at work, so I can't upload the pictures to my blog, but I can offer a link to my photo album online instead.

Just click on each picture to see larger images, or use the slide show feature.

Tomorrow I have a busy day working on the doors and roof for the garden shed. Hopefully I will have more to show you on the garden shed at that time.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Arrival of new minis!!

Isn't it great to receive a package of new miniatures! I had to order replacement blades for my Easy cutter, so I took the opportunity to order a few extra items, and today everything arrived. It feels like Christmas morning when these packages arrive.

I got some great items for inside my garden shed. I love the garden rake and tiller, I'll need to "age" the rake. The boots, which don't show clearly in the photo are great. I might "plant" some plants in the boots and place outside the shed.

I purchased the garden hose, but it's a bit two plastic looking, so I may have to work some magic on this item also. I also got more garden tools, and other types of tools.
Don't you just love the washbucket and washboard. I wondered if I could "store" it in the shed, with a little antiquing. If not I will use it in another mini project!
I also received another pair of hinges for the doors. I had ordered them on an earlier purchase, but I failed to think that since I had two doors, I needed TWO PAIR of hinges....dah....and when the package arrived I realized I had only ordered one pair. So today I have the pair for the other door, so now I have no excuse I can make the door to the shed.

Most importantly I got a replacement blade for my cutter, so now I have no excuse to not get the roof pieces cut, so that's my weekend project with the holiday weekend approaching!!

So now I have got to get back to work, finishing this project!! I will, I will, I will complete this project!!!

And I have three more followers to welcome! Hello to...

Thanks for taking an interest in what I am doing. I find it so wonderful to have followers from all over the world. Considering I'm in Canada and I have no Canadian followers, but instead have followers from Europe, Australia, South America, United States, United Kingdom, and many more. The internet makes the world such a small place.

I thought you may be interested in exactly where I live. Here's a great map to put it in perspective. St John's is located where the exclamation mark is shown. St John's is the oldest city in North America, and located on the most easterly point of North America. There's only a large pond between myself and my new friends!!

Thanks for taking an interest!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Painted Walls

Last evening I got to paint the walls for the Garden Shed. It was a new technique for me, which used a oil based stain with an acrylic paint wash over the wet stain. But I have to say that I am pleased with the results. I may put another coat of wash over to deepen the stain but I thought I would live with it for a bit first and see. I may like it just the way it is.

You can still see the grain of the wood, but it has a nice soft sage tone. I still have to stain and paint the corner boards and window trim. There is a bit of masking tape holding everything together, so you have to ignore this. You can also see that the stain bleed through to the back of boards that will be exposed in the shed, so I think I will stain all the inside, so I have a consistent colour, and not blotchy as it is now!

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Thanks for taking an interest. I am open to any miniature tips that any of you may have for my Garden Shed.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One of those days!

I decided today that I would start the painting on the garden shed. I have so many bottles of paint, that I automatically assumed the shade I needed was in my drawer. No such luck!! So then I decided I would cut the rafters and truss for the roof. But unfortunately the blade in my Easy Cutter is too dull, and I am waiting for a shipment of new blades! So it's been one of those days.

When you live in a part of the world that has so little supplies quickly available, you incur delays. Well I can go to the hobby store for the paint tonight, but the roof will have to wait.

So then I thought I would scan a picture of the actual garden shed plans I am building so you can see the direction I am hopefully heading. The plans were found in Miniature Collector in 2007.

I am pleased with my project so far. I decided I would groove the planks in the floor and antique them today. I am pleased with how it turned out, but it doesn't photograph that well. Then I decided to apply finishes to some of the accessories for the shed. Here's updated pictures of the folding ladder, and garden tools from my posting early this week. I love how the "rust" turned out on the shovel and other tools. They are inexpensive miniatures, that looked too new and shiny, so now they have that well used look! I also "dirtied up" a mop and broom for the shed. I think I have to do a little more on the handle of those items.

I still have to decide on how I am going to refinish the potting table. It's a little too high for under the window, so I think I may make a second table to go next to it that doesn't have the hutch section, and this should fit under the window fine.

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Thanks for taking an interest in my projects.

I have a question for those who are following. Most blogs I follow I can click on a picture and view a larger version of the picture. On some sites I cannot. On my own site, I can't click on my pictures to see a larger image. Is it something I should be doing when I am uploading the images and publishing the posting? Hope you can help me. I love seeing the larger clearer images, and I would like to offer people following my blog the same convenience.


Monday, June 14, 2010

New Followers & Garden Shed Progress

Wow, people are interested, I have 13 more followers today. Thank you for taking an interest.

Welcome to

Also welcome to Janne and a second Michelle, I can't see a blog, but if you have one just email me and I will put a link on my site. I am so new at this so I may have missed your link. My apologies if I did so.

I've been peeping at everyone's site. I have a lot of reading to do, it's so exciting. I love watching the progress of other's on their miniature projects as well. It's what inspired me to start my blog initially.

It's so interesting to read everyone's profiles. The internet makes the world so small. Here I am in Newfoundland, Canada and I have readers from so many different parts of the world. In my city I only have one other lady who shares this mini hobby with me, so it's so nice to find other interested people through the internet.

So today it was a work day, so I wasn't able to accomplish a lot on the shed, but I was able to tape everything together and get a better perspective on my progress. I am really pleased with the results. I used ready made cedar shingles versus cutting my own like the plans had suggested. So the wood is a darker colour. Both the beadboard and the shingles are to be washed in the same colour, I hope they turn out similar. I am a little concerned about my floor. If you notice in the picture from yesterday's post, there is a streak in the lower edge on the flooring, and each day it seems to grow more pronounced. I don't want to re-stain it, because it's a bit too dark already, I am hoping once everything is in place it won't be as noticeable. I could turn the piece around and put it in the back of the shed. Does anyone have any suggestions? It's not so noticeable in the picture below, but it's really noticeable in yesterday's posting.

I was so excited to see the taped together progress, that I felt I should investigate if I had enough items to fill it besides the potting table I had made. I filled an entire drawer with accessories suitable for a garden shed. Some items have to be "dirtied up" to fit in, but I think I have lots to start.

I am pleased with the progress so far!
- Wanda

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Garden Shed Progress

Two postings in one day, thanks to my skills at blogging. I couldn't figure out how to add more pictures, so I had to post and start again.

Today I completed the siding on all four walls of the garden shed. I have the window propped into place just to see the finish look. I haven't attached the siding to the studs yet, because I want to paint them first. The plans called for the corner posts to be stained and white washed, while the bead board was stained and painted a blue green shade. Just to ensure I don't mess up this different paint technique, I thought it wise to paint before final assembly. I put the window in place just to see the finish look, but it's not glue either because of the painting. I still have to make the door as well, and the beadboard has to line up to match the boards above the door. Hope it's not too challenging.

The peaks of the garden shed are done in cedar shingles, which will be painted to match the beadboard.

I had completed the wood floor last week. I had glued a sheet of flooring to the plywood base. Now that I had the stain applied, I really can't get a sense of the wood strips anymore, and I think I will find a dull tool and groove deeper notches between each board to make it more pronounced. Then when I give it a distress look later, the "dirt" can collect in the grooves. Good idea in theory, hope it works out! Wish me luck.

While glue has been drying I have been working on a potting bench for the shed. This was made from a kit I purchased at last year's Camp Mini Ha Ha from Patricia Van Heuven (hope I spelled that right). It went together very easy, even though there was no assembly instructions, just a parts list and a photograph. It goes to say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Now I have to stain or paint it and fill it!

Now this time I was able to add my photos, and place them with the appropriate paragraph. Don't know what I did differently this time. Someday I will figure this all out.

So my next step is to stain and paint, and start on the rafters and truss for the roof portion. I plan to use more of the wood strips that came from the dollar store lattice for the roof panels.

It's getting so excited now, I will complete this project. I will, I will!!


My first follower & sourcing wood for minis

I have my first follower!! Wow. Now I don't feel like I am talking to myself. Hello to Irene in Scotland. Thanks for being my first follower, and hopefully not my only! Irene has three blogs that I have been following. I think we have the same issue with working on multiple projects at the same time. Irene is much further ahead than I, so I am hoping for inspiration from this. Irene's blogs are:
Hope I posted that correctly.

I've been getting more and more done to the garden shed and now I have completed all the siding for the four sides and two peaks. I am pleased with the way it turned out. I had to improvise when I had no power tools and instead of grooving the wood, I added strips instead. I have to show you where I got the wood for the strips. At the local dollar store I found these inexpensive folding garden lattice, that were only $2.00. I purchased one for a vine I had, but when I got home and opened the package, I realized they were cedar, and fairly even wood strips, so I went back and purchased ten more packs, and took them apart to use in my mini work. The garden shed is the first recipient of the wood. I used about 1.5 pks to complete the siding. That's not bad for $3.00! And it smells wonderful!

I am having challenges uploading the remaining pictures so I am going to post this much and try again. I am so new at this, it appears I have a lot to learn!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Garden Shed

Today I prepared the walls for the garden shed. The plans in Miniature Collector called for using a thicker basswood and using a table saw to add grooves and lap joints to the wood. Unfortunately without a table saw I had to get creative. Instead I used a very thin 1/32" sheeting that was in 4" wide strips. I cut them to the 8" height needed and then I used some scrap wood that I had that was 3/4" wide and cut some of those strips in half length wise and alternated full strips and half width strips.

I used the scrap wood to evenly space the woods, and these spaces instead became the grooves that I was to have made in the wood. Once I glued each of the strips down, I very gently removed the spacers, and put lots of books on top while it was drying to keep the panels from bowing.

I made sure the strips covered the joins I had in the panels, and once everything was dry, I removed the masking tape from the back. I think it worked out well.

I have a Easy Cutter which appears to have a blade that is no longer sharp, so the cuts on the strips are a little rough, but I kind of like it. It looks like the wood is starting to break down at the bottom, which time would do this to the wood closer to the ground in a garden shed. I'll play up this flaw once I stain/paint the panels. In the meanwhile, I had better order a replacement blade for the cutter. I wonder if those blades can be sharpen? I'll have to check into this.