Friday, January 31, 2014

The Bookstore?

I didn't get much done on my street scene this week due to business travel.  But I still have lots to show you on what I'd completed before.  One of the buildings in my street scene will be a bookstore...I think.  I had thoughts of a shop with old books, old documents, old maps, old scrolls but I can't seem to find a name for this type of shop.

I used a Houseworks three section unfinished bookcase I've had in my stash for some time now.  I stained it and have started to fill it with books.  I used a kit to make many books.  I had purchased the book kit in 1992, yes 1992, while on a business trip to North Carolina.  I visited the Gingerbread House of Miniatures and found a great kit, and I guess I was saving it just for this project. 



While in Europe last year I collected several copies of Miniaturas magazine, and one of the magazines had a page of book cover printies which I am also using to make books for this case. 

For the documents I printed copies of old maps and documents from the internet and reduced them down to scale.  I wanted them to look old so I used a scrapbooking product called Distressed Ink.  It was great for giving these maps an age patina.

I even aged a pile of blank pages that I could use underneath the stacks of printed documents.  Don't you like the effect this ink gives all the papers?
I would love some suggestions from all of my readers for a name for the store.  I have to finish the interior of this shop before I can finish the outside portion.
Until the next time......

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Street Scene Progress

I've been away again during the past week for another trade show, so I didn't get much done with my minis.  My workshop looks like a bomb went off in there, so some serious tidying needs to be done first.  The picture I posted of the street scene was taken in September, and I have done much more since then.  Here's my progress so far.

I've added an eaves trough an drain over the back alleyway door and added the bathroom sign.  The sign was a gift from my September workshop at Camp Mini Ha Ha.

Here's a close up view of the rest room sign.

I am attempting to put a wisteria vine over the bookshop alley.  It's a little difficult, I don't want to cover up the architectural detail on the upper part of the shop or the sign area above the windows, so I have to see if I can manage these uncontrollable vines first.


I also added a gas meter on the side wall.  I antiqued the meter to give it an aged look.  I still have to figure out the correct colouring for the vines.  Right now it just looks like I just stuck paint on without though, which is basically the truth!  I have a lot of leaves punched for the vine, which I will show in a later posting. I also have to add something to cover up the clay that anchors the vine in the pot.  You can see a glimpse inside the bookshop in this image as well.  

I also have the ground cover done.  All the bricks, slate and ground cover have all been grouted and aged since last week's posted picture.  I redid the ground cover 3 times before I was happy with it.

I have started work on the shelving for the inside of the bookshop, but I'll leave that for a later posting!  But for now I have a workshop to tidy!  It's amazing how things can pile up even when you're not using it.
Thanks for the comments in the last posting.  I am now fully recovered from my surgery and back to work.  It wasn't anything too serious, but it limited my mobility for a few weeks!
I took all these pictures with my camera phone, so I apologize if they aren't too clear.
Until next time.....

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year

Yes it's me again!  I've been a very delinquent blogger.  This past year has been extremely busy.  I made the decision to return to school with some online courses plus still working my regular work week, which also includes a lot of traveling in my job.  So to say the least it was hectic and miniatures unfortunately took a back seat in this schedule.

I did however get to Camp Mini Ha Ha again and have started a new project!  I hope you will follow me through the completion of this street scene during the coming months.

I have also been doing a lot of pinning of new ideas on Pinterest.  If you're interested you can follow me at .  I have done a lot of pinning through the holiday season because I was recovering from surgery and couldn't do much.  I was able to sit with my IPad and surf my way around Pinterest which helped to pass the time!

We had a lovely holiday break while visiting my father-in-law in Nova Scotia, and my husband gave me a new table saw from Micro Mark.  So as soon as I am up and running and can lift more than 5 lbs, I will be back in my craft room.  I've given myself a New Year's resolution to spend one hour a day in my craft room when I am home, more difficult when I am traveling for business, but it can always take my needlework with me for this one hour!  I have also set a resolution to blog at least once a week.  I will still be completing my masters courses in Purchasing, so I have quite the busy schedule for this year.  Wish me luck!

Thanks for all the followers who stuck around even when I wasn't there!  I hope my Pinterest board will make up for my absence.  I reached 1000 followers on Pinterest yesterday, so someone is definitely enjoying my boards!  I have still been reading everyone's blogs, it was a great pastime in the many nights I stayed in hotels while travelling for work.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and I wish all of you the best for the new year!