Monday, June 25, 2012

Flower bed progress

I've had a successful day off from work (Statutory holiday in Newfoundland) and I've been busy in my real garden and in my mini garden.  I've completed all the tulips (actually I still have lots left over) and I completed one of the Hollyhock kits I purchased in Toronto last week. 
First a little Kit Review.........
This is the third type of flower kit I've assembled, the first two being Hanky Panky flower kits and Bonnie Lavish flower kits.  This kit was produced by Carrie Domm and Connie Stitt in Ontario.  The kit is ten years old (based on the copyright date on the instructions) so I don't know if they still produce them.

By far Bonnie Lavish kits are my favourite to assemble, with very little instructions they are so easy to work with.  Hanky Panky kits vary by the flower, the best individual kit I have ever put together was from Hanky Panky, the geranium kits, but I've tried others that I have even yet to complete. 

This particular kit today also had it's good points and not so good points.  I absolutely loved the paper they used, I would have to say it's the best paper from any kit I've assembled.  Even though there was a full page of instructions, the only picture was very low resolution and there was no other drawings, so I had to consult a picture of a hollyhock to completely understand the instructions.  Overall I think each stem doesn't have enough flowers, but that's something that I can fix in the future when making more Hollyhocks.  I was pleased with my finished product though, and I completely in all in one day, so that's great.

The real value in kits I find is I learn so much from them, that in the future I can usually make the item without the assistance of a kit.  I definitely feel this way about the Hollyhocks.

Now on to the flower bed....
I started to fill in the garden flower beds, nothing is glued right now, and I haven't added the mulch, so this is just a dry run.

Around the fence, I had already added the forsythia before, but now I have added the tulips (made from scratch by me) and the daisy's (made from a Bonnie Lavish kit).  It was a odd angle to take a picture because the shed itself is there, so this was my best shot.

I think I need to bend the flowers a little and I have to add the mulch, right now it looks a little sparse.  The orange stems are pieces cut from a full size artificial flower.
On the other side of the shed, in the larger flower bed, I got a little more creative.  I had received a fig tree in a garden swap from Ira last year, that was wrapped in burlap the same way you would get any new tree.  I thought I would incorporate this into my display as a "work in progress", the gardener is in the process of planting the new tree.  He doesn't want to get any dirt on the freshly mowed grass, so he has laid down some newspaper to collect the soil taken to make the hole.  It also gave me the great opportunity to cover the seam in the sheet grass I used.  You can see another seam on the other side in the first picture above, I still have to figure out how to disguise that one in the future as well.

The ground was typical Newfoundland soil.  You couldn't just use a shovel, a pickaxe was required to get through the tough Newfoundland dirt.  They call it "The Rock" for a reason!!  Now I don't think Fig trees grow in Newfoundland, but we won't tell the gardener this, he'll find out from himself when the tree, doesn't thrive!!  And one never knows, he may have such a green thumb that he is able to get it to grow! 

I've placed all the plants, including the new hollyhocks in the flower bed under the window.  I still have to glue everything and add mulch.  But I think this one is full enough.  Again the tulips were made by me from scratch, the pansies are purchased, the hollyhocks are the kit I assembled today, the lilies are from a swap with Kim last year and then I've added some ready made greenery from full size artificial flowers and the same orange stems I used in the other flower bed, plus I had some red ones like the orange stems and I have added those.  I think I will switch those out for the pink hollyhocks when I get those made.

The geraniums in the window box were made last year from the Hanky Panky kit, they are my favourite I've assembled so far, the kit only made half of what is in the window box, but once I made those, I was easily able to duplicate them myself.

So I'm going to sit on this much for a day or two, assemble the second hollyhock kit, and then once I am pleased with it all I'll glue everything in place and add the mulch.

Welcome to the new followers, thanks for taking an interest in my blog.

I welcome feedback from everyone, it's what keeps me going back to create more minis.

Until next time.....

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Toronto Trip

I've just returned from two trips back to back, first to visit my mom, and then off to Toronto for a business trip.  Even when it's business I have to find a little "me" time for my minis.  I took a few hours on Friday morning to drive to the Little Dollhouse Company on Mt Pleasant Rd in Toronto and again I found lots of new minis to add to my overgrowing collection.

If you notice in my wish list on the side of my blog, one of my future projects I would like to make is an interior designer's shop.  I found this wonderful drafting board with a work in progress.

I also found some wonderful mini drafting tools to add to this future room.  They are so detailed, I wish my camera could have been able to zoom in closer for more detail.  They are made in Italy by "le mini di Pierluigi"  check out their web site, it's fantastic work.  I've emailed the artisan with hopes of seeing more of their minis while visiting Italy in September.  I like to see things before I purchase them, I know that's not always possible in today's world, but if I can see more, I will be so happy.

For years I have been collecting items for a wine cellar project I have in mine.  I have an old wine crate that I plan to build it in and I have so many bottles of wine, I have lost count.  I also found this great crate for Dom Perignon.   I popped a few of the wine bottles I have already collected in the picture, but they were from another purchase made last year.  I don't have a mini bottle of Dom Perignon, so I will have to add it to my list of wants.....ha!

I also found these great mini books by Chaucer.  Let's face it, we can fit books in any project, but I was thinking I will put them in my castle room project.

I purchased this potato bin kit from The Daisy House for my dollhouse kitchen.  I've purchased several Daily House kits and I always like them.

I tried to keep my other current projects in mine and not start planning new ones, (I am so bad sometimes), so I did purchase some items for my garden shed.  I got this lawnmower for the garden shed.  It's just an inexpensive piece, but I think I can "antique" it like I did with the bike, and give it a little more of that well used character.  The white tires definitely have to go!!

I also got this vine, it looks like Coleus to me, and even though I've never seen Coleus grow on a vine, I thought I could cut it up and make it into a plant for the garden shed project.  It's beautifully made from clay and wire.  Such wonderful detail.

 There's a few Cala Lillies on the vine as well, I will keep them for a floral arrangement in another project. 

I also purchased two Hollyhock kits, one in pink and one in red.  Still require lots of flowers for the Garden Shed.  I've been away so much in the past ten days that I've fallen behind again.

My last purchase may be used in either my Garden Shed project or the Bakery, not sure just yet.  But I've always wanted a Al Chandronnait Basket, so now I have one.  Don't you love it.

I purchased one last item, another crate with a Guiness label, and my husband claimed it immediately, since he is the Guiness lover (I had purchased it from him anyway, so no harm done!)  It's amazing, he's even starting to collect a few minis himself as I drag him to all the mini stores on our travels.  It's a contagious hobby isn't it!

Until the next time......


Friday, June 15, 2012

Tulips for Dad

I am still working away on my flowers for the Garden shed, but I've been mainly concentrating on red and yellow tulips, they were my dad's favourite flower.  My dad was my mentor for my model building.  A good carpenter himself, he built several model ships that he proudly displayed in our family home and cabin.  He helped me assemble my first dollhouse and assembled the roof and glued on every shingle on my Queen Anne Victorian.

On the eve of Father's Day, I miss him so much, only having lost him in the past three months.  I can't look at a miniature project without thinking of him.  My entire Garden Shed project has become my tribute to him. He loved to work in his shed.

I've made over 60 yellow and red tulips to place around the garden shed with the many other flowers.  It's been a tedious job, but an absolute labour of love.

To every mini maker out there, if you still have your dad in your life, give him a big hug this weekend, I would love to be able to do that to my dad.

Until next time...........

Sunday, June 10, 2012

And the winner is..........

Today is the day.  I have printed and cut out all the entries

I folded and placed each one in a basket.........

And the lucky winner is..........

Eva at MINIs Y MÁS COSAS DE EVA  Eva, drop me an email with your mailing address and I will get the rug in the mail as soon as possible.  I hope it works with one of your miniature projects.

Thank you to everyone who entered the drawer, and thank you for your interest in my ramblings about my miniature projects.  Words cannot express how much it means to me.

Until the next time..............

Saturday, June 9, 2012

My New Purchase

Recently while returning from a hike, my husband and I dropped into a local antique shop.  I saw an old metal dollhouse, that had too many missing parts to make it worth purchasing, but as I was leaving I spyed a drawer from an old printers shop cabinet.  It's divided into cubicals for the letters of the alphabet, but as typical of most miniature makers, I saw another purpose, to display my collection of miniature accessories that are waiting to be placed in a miniature project. 

I quickly negotiated a price of $20.00 for the drawer, and a deal was struck.  He informed me he had a second drawer, but since we had been out hiking, I had very little cash on me, and happily departed with the one drawer. 

It was dirty and rusty, but with a little tender care, most of the rust was removed, to find a beautiful copper handle, and metal drawer front.  I mounted the drawer flat to the wall and I've started to fill it.  I have got to start emptying my stash of accessories stored away in boxes to completely fill this one.

The cubicals are a little shorter than I had anticipated, and I am thinking I will go back and get the second drawer and mount it on the wall sideways, and put my taller accessories in that one.

What do you think.........

I'm pleased with it, and it holds so much stuff!

Remember tomorrow is the last day to get your entries in for the Rug Give-A-Way.  Don't forget to leave a comment to have your name entered into the drawer.  Thank you to all the new followers who expressed an interest in my blog.  Welcome!

I've been busy working at the flowers, I really got carried away with the tulips!  I'll post more on that later.

I work best when I am multi tasking, I think it's a woman thing.  Am I allowed to say that??!!  Anyway, as I type today's posting, I have a new colour wet and setting in my hair, and I am worried that my idea of a colour change may have been too drastic, it's starting to look purple, so I'm off to wash it out right now, before the 20 mins I am suppose to wait is over....ha!!  Oh my!!

Until the next time............

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thank you Give-a-Way

I promised in my last posting to offer up a Give-A-Way to all the loyal followers who stuck with me while I was an absentee blogger.  I have checked through my stash and I've come up with this wonderful woven rug.  It's 8" x 11", so it's quite large, and it's woven in wonderful shades of burgundy, black, cream and blue.  I hope it will look wonderful in some miniature setting for one of my followers.  It's a machine woven rug with a lot of detail. 

So I hope it finds a home in another great spot of the world.  I look at where all my followers are located and there's a great group of people from everywhere.  It's so interesting to see followers from so many parts of the world.   I was so impressed with all the different places I thought I would share a couple pictures of the city where I live, St John's, Newfoundland, Canada.  You don't realize how beautiful your part of the world is, until you see it through the eyes of someone else.  Just look at these fantastic pictures of St John's.  From downtown St John's ......

to what we call here, the "Outer Battery".....

It's a beautiful and colourful city and province.  I am fortunate to live in this wonderful part of the world.  I have so much inspiration for my mini making just in these colourful homes.

If you notice in my profile picture it was photographed with these colouful homes in the background.

Again, thank you for your interest in my minis, I've been busy making flowers all week, so everything is still a work in progress, and nothing specific to show today.  Hopefully I will have more to show in the coming week.

So drop me a comment if your interested in putting your name in for the Give-A-Way.  I'll make the drawer on next Sunday, June 10th, so you have one week to enter to win. 

Again, thank you for your interest in the blog.

Until next time.....