Friday, June 11, 2010

My First Post!

I've been reading a lot of blogs on miniatures in the past month and I have become so fascinated with them. I have gotten lots of miniature work completed because I've been so inspired by other people's miniature projects. I decided to start my own blog with the hope that it will give me the incentive to complete even more of my projects, to get feedback from others and hopefully to inspire others the way many of you have inspired me.

I am presently working on a 10 room dollhouse, a bakery and a garden shed. I also have stashed in my workroom a display curio that can house five room boxes, a store kit, still in the box, that I hope to use as a ladies shop, and so many other ideas for the future. So mini project, so mini ideas....but so little time.

I am attending Camp Mini Ha Ha in September and we are building a tudor castle room box. So I have one more project to add to my growing list.

One blog I read, can't remember which one now, recommended to write a list of all the miniature projects you would like to complete. It's a danting task for me, I am so scared how long it will be. So here goes....

-Wine cellar (already have all the accessories and the old wine crate to build it in)
-French Country Kitchen & Great Room.
-Rik Pierce house (Actually I would love to take several of his classes!! I'm a big fan of his work, especially his lighthouse and thatched roof cottage)
-A Whitledge-Burgess Roombox. I love their work as well.
-A Christmas tree scene. I have a gazebo style candle holder that would be great container for it.
-Kitchens through the centuries. I think it would be great theme for my 5 room curio cabinet.
-An artist scene (I have a clear "paint can" from Michael's that would be an ideal container).
-An interior designer's studio.
-A fabric/quilt shop
-A Perfume shop
-I am sure I will think of many more later!

The shop pictured at the top of the blog is my bakery that I built at last year's Camp Mini Ha Ha. It also is still a work in progess. I am working on the landscaping now, and I have all the breads and cakes made (and some purchased), but I still have to complete more cookies.

My most recent challenge has been my garden shed that I am building from plans shown in Miniature Collector June to August 2007. The only power tool I have is a Dremel, so I have had to adapt the pattern to accommodate my lack of power tools. But so far, I have the garden shed framed out, and now I am working on the wall panels.

I have struggled with setting up the blog. I still cannot get the background template I wanted loaded, and I would love to redesign the layout, but like my minis this also is a work in progress. I will learn as I go. Hope everyone can help me with this as well.

I am so excited about writing this I just need followers!!

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