Saturday, February 22, 2014

Making Wisteria

This week I made my first attempts at making the wisteria flowers for my vine.  I experimented with several different options.  First I tried a Flower soft in mixed variety, which I didn't like at all, then I tried a Lavender colour, then a Violet colour, then a mix of Lavender, Violet and Nut Brown (just to give a little look of welting.  I liked the mix of Lavender, Violet and Nut Brown, but it looked too airy (if that's the right word) or two thin.

I had purchased this variety kit online from a British dealer many years ago and have used the yellow and Christmas mix for other projects in the past.  The mixed jar shown out of the pack is the one on the far right above, I don't like it.
While vacationing in Florida a couple of years ago I found larger jars of the Flower Soft, that's when I purchased the Lavender, Violet and Nut Brown with a Wisteria Vine in the back of my mind at this time.  I've never seen the product on all my travels in Canada.  In Florida I found the Flower Soft at a Scrapbooking store.  Sorry I can't remember the name of the store.  These are much larger jars, about three times the size of the variety pack.  The product goes a long way, so I think I have more than enough for this project and many others.

So I went back to my Pinterest Pinboard for tutorials on flower making and found instructions for Flower Soft Wisteria, but they made a base of green landscape material on the stem first.  I have these packages of Fresh Flocking that I found in the clearance bin at Michael's, think I paid a $1.50 a pack for a set of four.  I took every different package they had for that price! 

 I used a pack that had four shades of green and mixed it together and came up with a base as shown below.  I have to wait for the glue to dry before I add the Flower Soft on these bases stems

So while the glue is drying I decided I didn't have enough leaves punched, so I punched more.  Once I looked at the stack of leaves I knew I have way to many, what was I thinking!!  Anyone like to buy some leaves!?!?

I start to shape the leaves and I should have listened to Giac's warning from his comment in one of my previous postings on the blog, wow, this is very tedious work.  Giac, maybe I can send you some of these leaves to shape.  It does wonders for one's sanity!!

Great idea, I'll "watch" a TV show and shape leaves during the same time.  After a two hour movie, this is what I had accomplished!  The leaves are so skinny along the "stem" section that I had to use the smallest (or next to the smallest) stylus, and even then I could only gently jab at it with the stylus, (jab, is that a word???.... well I am a Newfoundlander after all, we have our own language!!ha!)  You couldn't move the stylus along the leaf at all, it's just so thin!  Don't ask me what show I watched, I was too busy shaping leaves, it just became background noise.

I do love the new shaping pad, you can't even see a mark from the hundred or so leaves I was able to shape!  Yes that little pile is about one hundred, so you can see the larger unshaped pile is about several thousand leaves!  I did decide to keep the light green on the bottom, hence why they are all facing up on the pad, as you shape them they curl up. 
I did learn one valuable lesson from all of this though.  When punching petals or leaves remove the price tag from the underside of the paper, because it's impossible to remove them after you have punched the leaves.  Looks like I have some rejects here!!
So I think the glue is dry on my green bases, off I go to try the flower soft on top of the bases. 
Until the next time...........

Sunday, February 16, 2014

100th Post!

I just realized today that this will be my 100th post.  I know there have been large gaps between the posts (some over a year!) but I've enjoyed sharing my projects with you and even more important I have loved your comments even more.  When you live in a part of the world where there are so few other mini crafters, it's nice to share online.

This week I have made a big effort to clean my craft room.  It's not complete but at least all the Christmas card making supplies are all put away!  I even started to set up my new table saw.  Still have to read through the instruction manual to put the guide on, and I have to attach a wet vac to it to suck up the saw dust.  But at least it has a place on my work space now.

I started to shape the leaves, wow these things are tiny, I had to use the smallest of stylus to do this.  I can't decide should the dark green face up or the light green, which s darkest the top of a leaf or the underside?

I found this great vinyl pad at DeSerres in Montreal in December.  If was meant to carve in to make stamps, but I thought it would make a great surface to shape petals and leaves.  It's very dense and heavy but it's flexible.  I quickly wear out so many of these inexpensive foam pads from Michaels, that I thought this would work so much better.  So far I am very pleased with it.

On a funny note, as I was cleaning up my workroom, I started collecting all the hotel room cards that I toss in here after each business trip.  They make fantastic glue spreaders when making miniatures!  But to give you an idea of how much I travel, here's how many cards I found.  Sad thing about it, I gave away over 50 cards last September at Camp Mini Ha Ha, so this is what I have accumulated since!  I love my job, but the travel does get to me from time to time.

Love to hear your feedback.  So until next time......


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wisteria Vine

I'm still working at my studies and catching up at work after three business trips in the past month, so miniatures have taken a back seat to all of this.  But I have so much to show on what I had accomplished before work and studies took precedence.

As you saw in my previous post, I am attempting a wisteria vine on the outside of the "bookstore" (name still to be determined)!  I needed a lot of leaves to fill this vine, so I found a paper that was printed in two different shades of green, one on each side.  It also has a slight pattern on the darker side, unfortunately it's so faint, it won't come out in my attempt at photographing it.  

Then I needed a punch that had a pattern close to a wisteria vine.  I found a corner punch that seemed ideal, but it had the corner guard on it, which was taken care of quickly with the use of a hammer....oops!  But it worked and didn't harm the punch at all.  This allowed me to punch hundreds of leaves across the edge of the paper.  I had actually punched all of these leaves for another project where I was going to use a wisteria vine, but I changed my mind for that project, and so they have been stored away until this project.

Aren't the leaves perfect for a wisteria vine!

Now I have to shape all these leaves, and then make the wisteria flowers.  I am thinking I will use flower soft to make the flowers.  I have seen instructions for making them with a small punch, but it seems such a great amount of work to make each flower, whereas with a blended mix of several purple and lilac shades of flower soft I feel I can make a lot of the flowers very fast.  Unless someone has a better suggestion, I think this is the way I will progress.

Before I can start any more work, I have to clean up my work room.  It's amazing how things can just pile up, even more so when I haven't been working in there!

Hopefully my next posting will be a cleaned up workroom, and progress on the flowers.  

I am still working on all the books and papers for inside the shop as well.  I have to finish this before I can attach the vine.  And I have to decide on a name and make a sign before I can attach the vine.  Sounds like the leg bone is connected to the hip bone, and the hip bone is connected to and on and

I know, I need to correct the date and time on my camera as well, it shows five years ago.

Thanks so much for all your suggestions for the shop, I am thinking over all the ideas, but I've yet to decide.  Also thanks for those who inquired about my recent surgery, it was only minor and I am fully recovered and back to my old self.
On another note, I was so excited a month ago when I hit 1000 followers on Pinterest and now I am just a few followers from 1500, that's another 500 in one month!  Wow, I am so proud that all the followers are so interested in my pins (most of which are miniature related or miniature inspirations).  If you're not following me on Pinterest, why don't you take a look at

Until the next time..........