Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh My Fingers

You know printies make a miniature scene more realistic, but the way your fingers feel after cutting out 100's of them, feels even more real! Ouch! My fingers hurt, but progress is being made. Unfortunately there is not a lot to show. But I wanted to show you that I am actively working on the project each day.

These are the printies I still have to fold and glue. I have printed far too many, so I guess I have a lot to share!!

These are the printies I have glued already, but so many to be done!!
I would like to thank everyone for their kind comments on yesterday's posting. Also I would like to welcome one new follower:-
Thanks for taking an interest in my blog!


Norma said...

I've never seen so many printies in one place at one time! I'm sure you'll think it all worth it once you see it all in place :)

Irene said...

It's going to be great seeing all those little packets in place. Good luck with all the folding and glueing!

by Sonya Rotella said...

How many printies!Let us see the final result please!:-))

Ascension said...

Estoy deseando ver el final del proyecto, va a ser genial!!!
besitos ascension

Janice said...

I love your shed and I am learning fast that mini projects never get full! Great selection of printies may I ask where you got them?

Wanda said...

Everyone, thanks for all your kind comments. Janice, the minis came from a lot of different sources, Jim's Printies was one and another good one was

I also got a lot from the cutouts in mini magazines, plus I had a DVD from Craft Club with 50 pages of cutouts and one page was devoted to gardening them printies.

I have saved many as jpegs on my computer. If you need any for a project, just email me at com and I can email them back to you.

Tallulah Belle said...

Lol...that is a lot :-) No wonder you have sore fingers.

Those will keep you busy for some time :-)