Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Real life has been getting in the way of my mini-ing again.  Since my last post I've been to North Carolina with a quick stop over in New York and Toronto. Yes I know that these are all in different locations, but you would have to understand how traveling from an island in the middle of the Atlantic can be challenging at times.  Sometimes you have to go further east to get further south?!?

I've also been finishing up one more online course.  I'm actually supposed to be writing my final today, but their web site has gone to kill some time while I wait, what better thing to do than blog to all of you.  (Okay, now I'm rhyming, totally unintentional!)

While in North Carolina attending a furniture show, I saw these interesting looking items filling a glass jar in a supplier's showroom.  Don't they look like miniature pumpkins?  All the supplier representatives I work with are very familiar with my hobby, so when I notice these things they are always prepared.  They told me to grab a handful to take.  Don't they look perfect for a miniature Halloween or fall project.

Not sure what they really are, they are extremely light weight and feel like seed pods.  But my miniature mind saw pumpkins!  The scale is perfect.

I was walking through a Home Office section at another supplier's showroom and noticed that the stationary in the filing trays on one of the desk appeared to have a pattern on the underside.  When I turned the page over I saw this beautiful cream and black print.  Isn't it a perfect miniature wallpaper.  Excellent, I got another offer to take a few pages, so now I have four pages of this lovely print.

Don't know where I'll use it, so for now it's just added to the stash.

I was able to squeeze in a quick stop at Hobby Lobby where I picked up more strip wood.  They had a sale on their miniature line so I got a few miniature lights perfect for pot lights and a box of mold making compound.  That will be great when I get back to the bakery all the many duplicates of baked goods I will need.

Until the next time.....

Happy Halloween

Sunday, October 4, 2015

One Front Window Framed!

I had hoped to start the panelling in the Bookbox this weekend, but I realized I needed the front window framed in first so I could blend it in with the panelling.  So I concentrated on that and also got the crown molding completed on the front and side wall.  The back wall crown molding has to be cut around the bookcases, and that's going to be a little more challenging with all those mites!  My favorite!  Not!

But here's the results of the window framing.  I've built quite a deep sill because I want to add a seat cushion and toss cushions and turn it into a window seat.  I still have to add a molding under the sill, but this will be a part of the panelling.  I still have to touch up a few places with the stain where you can still see some raw edges.  But overall I'm pleased with the finished window.

Until the next time....

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Another punch!

I was excited to see the large selection of paper punches that Grandpa's Dollhouse had on display at Camp Mini Ha Ha.  Unfortunately it was the second day before I noticed them, so a couple were sold out that I would love to have gotten.  But I still got quite a few.

I love making flowers and even though these are mostly leaves, I like the fact that there is a variety of sizes, so this adds a little realism to the flowers.  Let's face it, not every leaf or petal is the exact same size.  Some of these punches I already have in a different size now.

I'm not a big fan of the button punches, I find them hard on your fingers, especially if you're punching a lot of petals or leaves, but the price was fantastic, so it was worth the later pain!

I looked for a link on Grandpa's Dollhouse website for the punches, and I didn't find it, but I am sure you can contact Liz and she'll gladly get them for you.  But with my little bit of research online though I discovered that Punch Bunch does make a levered tool that you can drop the punches in that makes using them a whole lot easier.  It's a bit pricey, but I'm sure it's well worth the cost for someone who uses the punches a lot!

It looks like it accepts all the sizes, except the smallest round punch.  It appears to need a flat edge to place the punches up against.  Maybe someone who has one of them can give us a little feedback on them!  Still think it's a wonderful idea however!  Wonder if it can accept other brands of button punches?

I'm of to organize my punch drawer in my workroom.  Think I may need a larger drawer!

Until the next time....