Sunday, June 13, 2010

Garden Shed Progress

Two postings in one day, thanks to my skills at blogging. I couldn't figure out how to add more pictures, so I had to post and start again.

Today I completed the siding on all four walls of the garden shed. I have the window propped into place just to see the finish look. I haven't attached the siding to the studs yet, because I want to paint them first. The plans called for the corner posts to be stained and white washed, while the bead board was stained and painted a blue green shade. Just to ensure I don't mess up this different paint technique, I thought it wise to paint before final assembly. I put the window in place just to see the finish look, but it's not glue either because of the painting. I still have to make the door as well, and the beadboard has to line up to match the boards above the door. Hope it's not too challenging.

The peaks of the garden shed are done in cedar shingles, which will be painted to match the beadboard.

I had completed the wood floor last week. I had glued a sheet of flooring to the plywood base. Now that I had the stain applied, I really can't get a sense of the wood strips anymore, and I think I will find a dull tool and groove deeper notches between each board to make it more pronounced. Then when I give it a distress look later, the "dirt" can collect in the grooves. Good idea in theory, hope it works out! Wish me luck.

While glue has been drying I have been working on a potting bench for the shed. This was made from a kit I purchased at last year's Camp Mini Ha Ha from Patricia Van Heuven (hope I spelled that right). It went together very easy, even though there was no assembly instructions, just a parts list and a photograph. It goes to say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Now I have to stain or paint it and fill it!

Now this time I was able to add my photos, and place them with the appropriate paragraph. Don't know what I did differently this time. Someday I will figure this all out.

So my next step is to stain and paint, and start on the rafters and truss for the roof portion. I plan to use more of the wood strips that came from the dollar store lattice for the roof panels.

It's getting so excited now, I will complete this project. I will, I will!!



Wee Cute Treasures said...

I am looking forward to seeing what you do with your garden shed. Also - love the list of future projects!! Carol :)

Flor said...

Wanda ¡Mucha suerte en tu blog!! Lo que veo me gusta mucho, sobre todo esta mesa para cosas de jardín ¡me encanta!!

Wanda said...

Thanks for your kind comments. I'm excited to share my work with others. I've accomplished so much in a short period of time using blogging to communicate to kindred spirits.


Catherine said...

Hi I read on Flora's blog you were looking for a vintage bike. I think this one is great but you will have to paint it yourself. I think all there miniatures are in perfect scale.

Wanda said...

Thanks Catherine. What a wonderful site! I am looking at many other items also.