Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Garden Fence

I've been dilinquent from blogging the past two weeks, but I haven't been dilinquent from my minis.  I've been busy with a new part of the landscaping.  If anyone had saw the March issue of Miniature Collector, you probably loved the charming cottage with the fallen down fence on the cover, as much as I did.  I couldn't stop thinking about the fence, and I was determined to do something similar in my Garden Shed landscaping.  This is what has been taking up all my time in the past two weeks.  It take a lot of time and definitely patience to make wood look old and weathered.  It also helps to have a very old bottle of "Weather It" to aid in the project.

The results of my labours are shown below.  This is one back corner of the garden shed landscaping.  I still have to add the greenery and flowers, but I thought you would like to see a glimpse of the fence before the flowers and greenery hide it a little.

My bottle of "Weather It" was purchased over 20 years ago in a Miniature Shop in Greensboro, NC, and it's now almost all used up.  I used it to age the trim around the edge of the project as well.  If anyone knows where I can buy more of this stuff I would appreciate if you can drop me an email.  I know some people make their weathering mixture from scratch, so if you have a recipe to share, that would be great as well.

I am anxiously awaiting for my copper sheeting to arrive to finish the roof.  Thanks to some followers who gave me the link for, I was able to order the necessary copper.

Thanks for all the comments on the flowers in the window box.  I have also been painting and shaping more ivy leaves and geranium leaves to add to the planter.  I've also worked on making a Forsythia bush to go between the fence.  I'll show more of these efforts at a later date!

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

And then there were two............

I've tackled the window box project.  My first task was to cut the window box in half, and thanks to my Dremel with a cutting wheel attachment that task was completed in a matter of minutes.

I did learn one lesson from this task though.  When cutting through metal wear a face mask over your mouth and nose.  The metal shavings mustache I was sporting afterwards wasn't pretty!!  I was sneezing metal shavings for a day wasn't pretty!!

Then it was on to the task of making a shiny black metal window box not so shiny and new.  Again I returned to my Dremel with a fine tip grinding attachment and removed the shine and some of the black paint.  This also helped to prep the surface for the bit of rust that I added to the window box afterwards.  When you consider watering the planter box daily must result in some rust on the metal over time right?!

I liked the end result.  You can see the comparison of the ungrinded half versus the one I have aged.  It made a nice difference.  Now I have an extra window box for a future project!

Then I had to fill it.  I added some foam covered in "moss" and added the geraniums I had made.  I was so pleased with the results of the geraniums.  It's a Hanky Panky kit and I have to say it was my most successful completion of a Hanky Panky kit so far.  It went together beautifully and even though I only had enough petals for 6 flowers, but I had lots of leaves.  I checked my supply of punches and found that I had one very similar to the petals in the kit, and I had the identical paper, since I've bought lots of paper from Hanky Panky, and I punched out petals for 6 more flowers.  I still have lots of leaves left, the kit recommended making some stems with just leaves on, which I may do. Do you think the flower box needs more leaves?  Love to have your opinion.  I have lots of leaves!

I love the geraniums leaves.  As per the kit instructions I had to add some gold chaulk in the middle of the leaves and some rust chaulk around the edges, and I think it adds a lot of realism to the leaves!

Using another Hanky Panky punch, I also added some ivy vine hanging down the planter box.  I could also add more of these, I think I punched out about 10,000 leaves!!  It takes a lot of time to vein and curve them, and I added a little colour around the edges to make them a little varigated.

No flower box in the spring would be complete without another visitor as well.  I purchased my last addition to the window box at last year's Camp Mini Ha Ha.  It was made by one of my fellower campers, and I think she has done a beautiful job on the butterfly.  From the moment I saw the butterfly I knew I had a home for the little guy.  He is perfect in his new spot.

Overall I am pleased with the results.  Hope you like it.

On a last note I have to welcome one new follower!  Amica, I don't see that you have your own blog, but if I have overlooked it, let me know and I will post a link to the blog here.  Welcome, I hope you enjoy the postings!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Buying Online

I live on a small island in the Atlantic Ocean and there is no retailer for miniatures anywhere near me.  I'm fortunate enough to travel a lot and can always find a miniature store while travelling.  But I do rely a lot on purchasing online. 

One of my favourite places for buying online is  They don't sell artisan pieces, but I can get my regular supplies from them, plus many times I can get factory made items that I can alter to make more custom.

I recently made a purchase and I just received my order yesterday.  The problem with buying online is that even though they may provide the measurements, you can't always tell scale.  I was so excited about finding a "wrought iron" window box for the garden shed window, but now that I have received it, even though the length is right for the window, the depth is completely out of scale.

It looks even larger in this picture because of the perspective with the walkway, but it's only about 3" long.  I am going to see if I can have it cut in half lengthwise and make into two window boxes.  Once it's filled with flowers, you won't be able to tell that it's missing the back!  Hopefully!  I also need to distress it and give it a little touch of aging so it's not so new and shiny looking.  So I'll have to do a follow up on this piece once I alter it. 

I also got three great Morning Glory vines.  I am hoping to add a part of a fence at the back of the shed, and I thought it would be great to wine a vine through the fence.

The leaves and flowers on the vine are made from clay.  I've been studying it closely and I think I may be able to make flowers from the clay as well.  So far all the flowers I have made have been made with paper, and now I am excited about trying a new medium for flowers.

The funny item in the order was more ground cover.  I had struggled so hard with the sand around the tiles, which by the way is improving with each layer of glue and sand!  I had forgotten that I had ordered several bags of "mulch" for the flower beds.  Wish me more luck with adhering this to the landscaping!

The item that was most exciting in the shipment was my little garden bench.  It was already decorated with flowers, and some of them need to be switched out because they also are a little too large and out of scale, but I think it has a lot of potential.

I also purchased a sheet of metal (brass) geranium leaves.  They have to be spray painted and bent to shape, so I am hoping they turn out nicely.  They are so thin and perfectly scaled.  I am hoping to make geraniums for the window box.

I got also this pair of "wrought iron" plant hangers.  Again I will need to age these a little, but I think they are perfectly scaled.

Overall I am pleased with my new purchases, but it was definitely a reminder of paying close attention to scale when buying online!  I purchased some small tools and some items for my castle project as well, so more to share at a later date!

Most importantly I would like to welcome a new follower.  Please welcome Minisonia.  I couldn't see a blog, but if you have one just drop me an email or comment and I can post a link to your blog.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Give me a Daisy a Day

I've been busy repairing my tile job this weekend, but also continuing to make mini flowers in between.  You need something to do while the glue is drying!!

I just finished making Daisy Mums from a Bonnie Lavish kit.  I absolutely love assembling Bonnie Lavish flower kits.  They are laser cut and perfect to assemble.  I've tried other flower kits before, but nothing impresses me more than Bonnie's kits.

This is the finished results.  I've laid them in a flower pot to dry, but they will actually go in the garden around the shed, once I've made enough flowers. 

To check out more of Bonnie's kits go to .  I've completed several of her fushia kits, they are perfect.  I have several other kits that I have yet to assemble from Bonnie and from other artisans, so lots to work on yet.

I've also been making some flowers from scratch from patterns I've found in several miniature magazines.  These are still work in progress.

I added the instructions on how I made the paving tiles yesterday, and a few minutes later I returned and found I had five new followers.  Wow, thanks for taking an interest.  Also thanks for the great comments on the tutorial.

I would like to say welcome too:-

Petra at  She has a great tutorial on her site for making Hydrangea!
Annina at  For those who love modern miniatures, this is most definitely the spot to check out!
Marlie at  She is working on a fabulous built in piece in her room box. 
My Wee Life at  I see she is working on a Bonnie Lavish kit as well.
The final new follower appears to be following privately, which is still great, so whoever you are welcome to So Mini Projects, I hope you enjoy it!

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