Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One of those days!

I decided today that I would start the painting on the garden shed. I have so many bottles of paint, that I automatically assumed the shade I needed was in my drawer. No such luck!! So then I decided I would cut the rafters and truss for the roof. But unfortunately the blade in my Easy Cutter is too dull, and I am waiting for a shipment of new blades! So it's been one of those days.

When you live in a part of the world that has so little supplies quickly available, you incur delays. Well I can go to the hobby store for the paint tonight, but the roof will have to wait.

So then I thought I would scan a picture of the actual garden shed plans I am building so you can see the direction I am hopefully heading. The plans were found in Miniature Collector in 2007.

I am pleased with my project so far. I decided I would groove the planks in the floor and antique them today. I am pleased with how it turned out, but it doesn't photograph that well. Then I decided to apply finishes to some of the accessories for the shed. Here's updated pictures of the folding ladder, and garden tools from my posting early this week. I love how the "rust" turned out on the shovel and other tools. They are inexpensive miniatures, that looked too new and shiny, so now they have that well used look! I also "dirtied up" a mop and broom for the shed. I think I have to do a little more on the handle of those items.

I still have to decide on how I am going to refinish the potting table. It's a little too high for under the window, so I think I may make a second table to go next to it that doesn't have the hutch section, and this should fit under the window fine.

I am very pleased to see I have four more followers. Welcome to:-

Debbie, and several other blogs!

Thanks for taking an interest in my projects.

I have a question for those who are following. Most blogs I follow I can click on a picture and view a larger version of the picture. On some sites I cannot. On my own site, I can't click on my pictures to see a larger image. Is it something I should be doing when I am uploading the images and publishing the posting? Hope you can help me. I love seeing the larger clearer images, and I would like to offer people following my blog the same convenience.



Linda Carswell said...

Dear Wanda,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful comment for left on my blog, it was so lovely to recieve. I enjoy my blog nearly as much as miniatures and knowing that it brings a little bit of joy to someones life makes me very happy indeed.

Warmest Regards,

Linda x

Irene said...

I'm very impressed that you're working to a plan and not a kit - something I don't do! I've been reading all your previous posts and think your doing a great job with your little shed.

I was delighted to be your first follower - I can still remember how excited I was to get mine, I kept checking to see if anything was happening! No need to worry that you might just be "talking" to yourelf, we're all out there keeping an eye on you now!

Wanda said...

Thanks Linda, I trully meant it. I've read your blog from beginning to end about four times. I've learned so much, because you have shared so much! Thanks!

Wanda said...

Thanks Irene. The only other room box I have done from scratch was the bakery, but that was at a workshop, so I had lots of guidance. I have made some furniture from scratch as well, but I still have a lot to learn. I find kits are a fantastic way to learn. I'm glad people are interested in the blog, it's nice to have the interest. I only have one other person to share my hobby with in my city. We meet once every two weeks, but it's nice to share with a larger group!
Thanks again!