Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Garden Shed

Today I prepared the walls for the garden shed. The plans in Miniature Collector called for using a thicker basswood and using a table saw to add grooves and lap joints to the wood. Unfortunately without a table saw I had to get creative. Instead I used a very thin 1/32" sheeting that was in 4" wide strips. I cut them to the 8" height needed and then I used some scrap wood that I had that was 3/4" wide and cut some of those strips in half length wise and alternated full strips and half width strips.

I used the scrap wood to evenly space the woods, and these spaces instead became the grooves that I was to have made in the wood. Once I glued each of the strips down, I very gently removed the spacers, and put lots of books on top while it was drying to keep the panels from bowing.

I made sure the strips covered the joins I had in the panels, and once everything was dry, I removed the masking tape from the back. I think it worked out well.

I have a Easy Cutter which appears to have a blade that is no longer sharp, so the cuts on the strips are a little rough, but I kind of like it. It looks like the wood is starting to break down at the bottom, which time would do this to the wood closer to the ground in a garden shed. I'll play up this flaw once I stain/paint the panels. In the meanwhile, I had better order a replacement blade for the cutter. I wonder if those blades can be sharpen? I'll have to check into this.



Irene said...

Hi Wanda, I've just read your first couple of posts and I'm looking forward to following your blog. You seem to have lots of great ideas and I loved your wish list! Thank you too for following my blog - Irene.

Wanda said...

Irene, you're my first follower!! Thank you! And it's only my second posting. I am honoured. From one side of the Atlantic to the other, thanks for taking the interest! - Wanda