Monday, June 21, 2010

Garden Shed

I've had a great day off from work, and spent the time working on the garden shed. I realized that if I attached the roof now, I would be very challenging adding built in shelving later. So I worked today on doing some built in shelving on the back wall of the shed.

You can see I used three legos as spacers between the shelves. Legos are great for jigs when assembling miniatures.

I also completed the front panel with the doors. I still haven't attached this panel, I want to make sure the doors can swing freely. I haven't attached the hardware yet, but in the picture it's laid in place just for show.

I still have to trim up the bottom of the doors a bit as well.

Between gluing time I searched through my collection of cutouts for suitable items for the garden shed. I found lots of seed packages and sacks, but I still need to find printies of items such as lawn seed bags, fertilizer, and similar items. Still have a bit of searching to do!

I have more followers to welcome. Please have a look at their blogs, there is some really interesting blogs out there. I am following over 100 blogs myself now.

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Carolyn said...

I love the door - great shape AND really great's all looking good!!

Janice said...

Hi Wanda, thank you for popping into my blog, I hope you enjoy your visits. I am now going to settle down in front of the tennis and have a look at all your interesting projects.

Irene said...

A very productive day - I love a whole day to mini! The doors are a great shape and very wise, putting in the shelves before the roof - that could have been a "dammit" moment otherwise!!

Tove said...

et rigtig flot have skur og sikke nogle flotte hængsler på porten/dørene. Hvor har du købt dem henne

Wanda said...

Hi Tove, I purchased the hinges at The model # is 93023 and here is the link
The door latch is also from and it is actually operates!
Hope that helps. I tried posting it to you directly, but your blogger account is not a public account. Hope you check back to see.