Sunday, April 27, 2014

Inside and Outside the Street Scene

It's been a quiet week in the workroom, but I still have lots to share from my previous accomplishments.  Now that I have all the trim finished outside, I could now dress the interior portions of the window boxes, which well only be seen from the outside.  It's more stacks of old books, documents and maps.


Now that the windows are dressed, here's what they look like from the outside.  Once I install the lighting, it will be a lot more visible.


Here's more shots of how things look all put together.  Still have to add the wisteria and vines.



I also stained the moldings on the inside of the other shop window.  I didn't put interior moldings on the above shop windows, I don't think they will be seen.  But with this window and the angle of the shop, the interior moldings will be seen slightly.  This is the floor that I have placed too high, and I have decided I will lower it, that's a future project.  I do like the flooring I used for this project.  I found it at the Little Dollhouse Company in Toronto, Ontario.  It's printed on cardstock, but it looks very realistic.  To add a little more realism I scored the lines.  I know it can't be seen in the photograph unfortunately, but I do like the effect.  I also put on coat of paint on these walls.  Not a lot will be seen, but it should help to keep in bright inside once I add the lighting.

Hope you enjoy the work so far.  I write my final exam on Thursday for the course I took this semester, and I am planning on taking a break from my studies until September.  It should give me some time to complete this project during the summer.
Thanks for all the kind comments on the last posting.  It means a lot to me, and it's so encouraging to continue.
Until the next time.....

Monday, April 21, 2014

A little more trim and a whole lot of travel

It's been a few busy weeks of business travel and last minute studying for my upcoming final for this semester's courses.  All this has put my blogging behind.  I did, however, get to do a little mini shopping on one business trip to North Carolina, which was good.

This past Easter holiday week has also given me a little play time.  I finished all the molding around the book store entrance, finished the vent under the window and painted the interior of the second store and installed the floor.

I think the moldings around the door close in the entrance a little bit, but it is a miniature, so only small people will need to fit through!  I also think I've installed the window box floor in the second store a little too high, this may need to be lowered.  I will sleep on this a little bit and decide.

 I don't know if I ever shared the inspiration picture for this storefront.  It comes from one of the storefronts in the Harry Potter attractions at Universal Studios.  Interestingly enough, I didn't realize this when I started the storefront.

I hadn't seen the top of the building when I built my version.  I am glad I choose this version, which again is interestingly enough, also from Universal Studios, but this I knew, and I had taken a lot of pictures of the brownstones there when we visited several years ago.  It was just several months before the Harry Potter attractions opened when we visited though. We were disappointed at the time, because we could see the top of the attractions from outside, but couldn't get in to see it.
This was my inspiration for the top of the storefront.


With the moldings finished around the exterior windows, I now can dress the bookstores windows on the inside.  That will be my next blog post hopefully!

In the past month of travel I've had lots of time to spend on my Pinterest boards while sitting in airports and spending nights in hotels.  There's over 2100 followers on my boards now and over 35,000 pins, over 20,000 pins are on miniatures!  If Pinterest interests you, drop by and check out the boards at

Happy Easter to all.

Until the next time....