Monday, June 28, 2010

Accessorizing the shed

Yesterday, I decided to hang the tools in the shed. I made up a board with some hooks (jewelry findings) and then glued everything in place. I like the results.

You can see the stain coming through from the outside finish on the shed. I had debated whether I would stain the interior of the shed so that the bleeding from the outside would be gone, but I decided that I liked the uneven colour of the interior. It's a shed!!! It isn't suppose to be finished on the inside!

I've been cutting so many garden printies, that I decided I should evaluate and see how many I actually really need. I decided to place the accessories I had in the shed and see what else I needed. Based on the other accessories I put in place today, I probably don't need a tenth of the hundreds of printies I have cut!! Oh well, I will have lots of printies to share I guess.

This is how the interior of the shed looks with some of the minis placed. Keep in mind that there are NO printies in the shed yet, so it may be a really crowded shed!!

Hope you like the work to date. Nothing is glued in place yet, I just wanted to get a feel for it.

I was going to make another table to go under the window and then I remembered I had a House of Miniatures dry sink that I had started to assemble years ago, and then realized that there were two drawer fronts missing. It's sat on a shelf ever since then, and I thought it's a perfect place for an old dry sink that can't be used in a kitchen. I might paint it to match the potting table. I have a little time to decide.

Overall I am pleased with the temporary placements. I have lots of glueing to do once the printies are placed. It will be difficult to access the interior once the roof is attached so I want to ensure nothing is going to move later!

I would love to have your feedback on everything!

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Thanks everyone for taking an interest and for your kind comments!



Minnie Kitchen said...

wow...that is just amazing!

Carolyn said...

I really like it. The dry sink is just perfect as it is - darker colour, missing drawers - everything. After all, where does the reject furniture from the house go if not into the shed. It's meant to have some old beaten up furniture in it if it is a real shed. Unless it is one of those sheds that belong to very tidy old gardeners, where everything is very neat and tidy!! It's all looking great so far Wanda!!

Nina said...

Super - it looks very real.


Heleni said...

Wanda, oh It's all so beautiful. It looks real...


Flor said...

Wanda ¡Que bien van los avances!!! Me gusta muchísimo ( = !!!

Un beso

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

It's very nice! I really like the potting bench and the whole look of the shed with so much inside. I like it when you can spend hours looking at all the details.
Thank you for following my blog. :)

Norma said...

This is such a cool project, and looking great :)

Irene said...

It looks great - so authentic. I love putting bits together for effect (usually because I can't wait!) You're making a really good job of this.