Friday, July 3, 2015

I must confess.....

I recently read a posting on someone's Facebook page regarding collecting supplies for a future miniature project. The person was a bit embarrassed to say they had accumulated so much product for a project that they hadn't even started yet.  I could only chuckle at the posting and point a big finger at myself, oh my, I've been there, and am still there.  

Four (or was it five) years ago I had this fabulous idea to build a miniature wine cellar.  I had been inspired by one I had seen made by Whitledge-Burgess, theirs had a wine tasting room included.  I wanted to do my own version immediately.  I started wildly sketching ideas and started to save pictures of wine cellars on my computer, this was way before Pinterest came along for me.  To say the least, now there's even a Pinterest board for wine cellars.  

I found this web site for these fabulous full size wine cellars.  The company had a brouchure you could request with even more ideas.  I promptly filled out the form for the brouchure, which I received within the week.  Funny thing was, they started emailing me immediately, wanting to prepare a quote for a new wine cellar in my home.  I was too embarrassed to respond back and say, "oh no, I'm just building one in"

Since this time I've collected two full size wine crates to build the miniature wine cellar inside of, can't decide which shape I want.  Isn't that an ingenious idea though, a miniature wine cellar inside a full size wine crate!  You can use that one, send me a picture when you get it built!

I've collected miniature wine crates, kegs, stemware, carafes, corkscrew and other wine related paraphernalia, and of course wine bottles.  Some of the wine bottles are inexpensive bulk packages, and some are individual purchases that in some cases were more expensive than the full size!   Here's some of my growing collection. 

Oh and by the way, I haven't even started building the project.  Simply because there are "So Mini Projects" in the works already.  So it's on my bucket list!

Oh did I tell you about the decorator's shop I'm going to build some day.  You should see what I've collected for that!...oh

Until the next time....
The very guilty, okay not really, but laughing....

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

While the glue dries!

I've struggled with keeping the wisteria vine attached to the bookstore and I have taken Betsy's advice  at About My Doll House and added eye hooks to the front of the store and wired and glued the vine to the shop.  Here below you can see some of the small eye hooks I used for the task.  (You can also see the blob of glue on the corbel bracket that failed to hold the vine first).  Betsy thanks so much, I think this will finally work.

While everything is now wired and glued into place I couldn't work on the front of the shops anymore, so I moved on to the inside of "Doreen's Fine Things".  Each time I showed the inside staged I used the burgundy upholstered chair shown below.  This chair actually belongs to the castle room, so I have started with a new unstained and unupholstered chair shown below in three stages.

These chairs are actually Bespaq chairs I purchased at Ron's Miniatures in Orlando over five years ago.  I like the natural upholstery for the store window, but I had to remove it to stain the chair.  Some of these pictures are a year old because I actually removed and stained the wood that long ago, but then got tied up with finishing the shop and real life.

Once removed I stained the chair as shown below.

I used Varathane Wood Stain which I really like and have tubes of it in every shade.  My local Canadian Tire actually had them on clearance this week from $5.00 to $8.00 a tube (depending on colour), they were normally $14.00 tube.  As long as the stain doesn't dry up, I think I have enough stain now to last the rest of my mini making life!  I like the stain because it's a gel like mixture that you can pour a little out and what you don't use you can scoop back into the tube, the opening is large enough.  Also because it's gel based, it doesn't run and spread too fast into other surfaces like the liquid stains do and sometimes even the marker pens.

Once the stain was dry, I started back at the reupholstering.  I use cardboard between the padded pieces and the clamps so that the clamps don't make indentation marks into the upholstery.

Now I just have to wait until the glue dries.  See that's the reason I am working at so many projects at the same time, because it takes so long for glue to dry! 

I've been busy trying out different accessories to show in the window as well.  More about that in the next post.

This project is finally getting close to completion, it's so exciting to see the finished product come together.  Plus I am working fast so I can move on to the Whitledge Burgess projects!  Can't wait, think once I'm ready I will start the Exquistrian Suite first. Or maybe the kitchen, oh my, too many choices.

I'm going back to Camp Mini Ha Ha this year as well.  This means I have to prepare 32 small gifts (we call them tidbits) for all the other attendees plus five larger gifts for the evening draws.  It's great you bring 32 + 5 gifts, and you return with 32 + 5 individual gifts from all the other campers.  What a great way to grow your accessory and furniture stash for future projects.

Well off I go to work on my "so mini projects", see the name is so appropriate!

Until the next time....

Friday, June 26, 2015

As the vine grows....

I've been quiet this week with my work and studies, but I did get a chance to add to the vine around the shop.  Here's my progress:-

I haven't added any leaves to the wisteria yet.  I'm still having challenges keeping the vine attached to the bookstore wall.  Glue isn't holding, so I may have to resort to something more invasive.
Thanks again for your kind comments.
Until the next time.....

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Joe's Shed on Father's Day

For those of you who have followed my blog over the years you may know the garden shed I've been building has been a labour of love as a tribute to my dad.  He passed away a little over four years ago. He had a workshop that was the envy of most men in our community with every tool you could imagine.  

Carpentry was his hobby and for a pass time he built sleds for snowmobiles.  He took pride in hand crafting every sled with his uniquely designed style.  His pattern for his sleds were his a cherish possession to him.  He also built two very detailed ship models in the workshop.  He never referred to the building as a workshop, which it really was, it was simply his "shed".

In the past month, the tools were painstakingly removed from the "shed" and after over 40 years, the now unused and decaying shed was torn down to be replaced with a new shed to store his tools.  I have two tools from the shed, a level and a plane, both handmade by by great grandfather and passed down through the generations.  

It only seems right on this day, which we celebrate as Father's Day that I hang the sign on the model I built as a tribute to this wonderful man.  He was a quiet, gentle and kind man who never raised his voice, and was never without a smile on his face.  I can only wish to be the person he was.  My love of model building came from him.

Happy Father's Day dad.

Until the next time....


Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Little Aging

The roof of the shed has had lots of time to deepen and now I am applying a mixture of diluted burnt umber to lower the intensity of the blue patina. 

My first thought was that I had it ruined.  But once the mixture dried, I like it much better.

Then it was on to adding the moss.  I'm using a combination of three different types and colours of landscape material to give it a little depth.  I applied glue in the upper edges and dragged it down a little, especially in the areas where the glue had dried on top of the copper and wouldn't age.  It looks a little overdone here, but I'm waiting for the glue to dry.

Once the glue was dried I brushed off the excess and this was the result.

I think I will have to repeat the process several times to build up enough moss.  Back to the moss bag!

Until the next time....

Friday, June 19, 2015

A Time to Climb

I've started laying out the ivy on the other wall outside the shop.  Had to move the shop out of the way to clamp and tape the vines.  I've added Lisa's wonderful clock to this wall and I plan to let the ivy weave in around the clock.

Here's a close up of the clock, sorry it's still taped in place, but I think it will look good once I get the store back into place and the leaves added.  You can see the background paper I used for inside the shop in this picture.

And here's with the shop wall back in place.  Still have to add hundreds of ivy leaves.

The shop windows look blurry because I still have the plastic film on the inside.  Didn't want to remove it until all the interior finishing was done.

Here's another close up of the ivy.
Then it's on to the bookstore landscaping.  I've added the pot I had made with the wisteria vines.  I taped them all in place to see if they would stay glued to the walls.

I removed the tape and they all jumped forward, oh well, I went ahead and glued on the wisteria.  I left about 20 flowers that I will add to areas once everything is dry.  Trying to get clusters together now was difficult, placing one close to another caused the first one to pop off.  Once it's dry I will add the remaining few and the hundreds of leaves I have ready.

Here's how it's looking all together now.  I know it will cover up some of the bookstore sign, but I think that makes it interesting.  Hopefully Ephriam won't mind!
Hope you like the progress so far.  Thanks to everyone for all their feedback, it's so helpful for me.
It's a long weekend in St John's, so I will be planting flowers outside (weather permitting) and "planting" leaves inside!
Until the next time....