Sunday, June 27, 2010

Flower Trellis

I'm so pleased with how my blog is making me focus on one task and stick with it. I feel that I am obligated to post something daily, to show that I am still working on the garden shed, which I am! In the words of Martha, "it's a good thing."

I have now completed the flower trellis for the side of the garden shed. I am pleased with how it turned out. I used an old macrame board that was close to 30 years old to ensure I kept everything in line!! It was a fairly easy project just a little slow because you had to wait for the glue to dry on each cross member before you could proceed to the next layer.

Now I have to decide on what vine I should make to grow on it. I have already made a clematis vine for my bakery, and I have a wisteria vine in progress for my dollhouse, so I am thinking I will try and make a grapevine. I have the necessary punch, it's only a matter of punching lots and lots of leaves, and shaping and varegating them. Also I would have to make lots of fimo grapes. I made a few bunches for indoor fruit arrangements, so I guess I would just have to make lots to fill the vine. Sounds very time consuming, but I think it will be a nice additional for the long outside wall of the shed that doesn't have a window. For now though, I need to concentrate on the inside of the shed so that I can attach the roof!!

Here's the vine, in progress, and propped against the garden shed wall. It's almost 7" high, so I will need a fairly large vine to cover it, and I think it will be nice if the vine follows up under the soffit of the roof line as well. So many ideas, so mini projects!! Oh well!

I have three new followers. This is the part about blogging I don't quite understand. Even though I have three new followers, because the numbers moved from 50 to 53, there are only two new names that appeared in my followers list. So I do apologize if I am overlooking welcoming someone, so whoever you are, welcome!!! (Maybe this is someone following privately??) I'm not sure!

In the meanwhile, hello to:-


and Ascension, who does not appear to have a blog. If you do Ascension, just let me know and I will post a link to your blog.

Welcome to both of you as well, and thank you for taking an interest in my minis!



Ascension said...

Me encanta como te ha quedado el enrejado, seguro que con las uvas quedara todavia mejor.
El detalle del carrito con las heramientas me encanta.
Si tengo blog, no se porque no va el enlace es:
besitos ascension

Ascension said...

Pd. si clicas encima de la foto del mensaje, iras mas rapido.
besitos ascension