Monday, June 15, 2015

Something creeping up! - Doreen's Fine Things

Started working on the other shop in my street scene.  I've attached the sign, "Doreen's Fine Things" (that's my mom's middle name), and now I'm dressing up the side and the sign with a creeping ivy.  I had the sign lazer engraved at Grandpa's Dollhouse.  
I had to punch hundreds of ivy leaves, cup them with a stylus and touch up each leaf with a dry brushing of a slightly darker colour, just to give the leaves a little depth.  I got the punch from Hanky Panky Crafts.  I really like her punches, the really good ones like this ivy punch are higher price than those you can buy at your local craft store, but I find the quality of the punches great.  They have three sizes of the ivy punch, but right now I only have one size.

This is the beginning of the vine.  I have glues lots of vines to the bricks first.  Then I winded the vines around the arms of the sign.  Here's a picture of the first few leaves in place.  A few hundred more leaves to add!

Here's close up of the bottom of the vine.  You can see the variation in the colours of the leaves in this picture.  Wish I could use a range of leaf sizes, but for now all one size will have to do!

It feels like I've been working on 17 different projects at once recently, but there is a big reason that hopefully I'll be able to tell you about soon.  In the meanwhile, hope you like the progress on "Doreen's Fine Things".
Until the next time.....


Elizabeth S said...

I know that your ivy is a fiddly project with all of those individual leaves to cut, cup, paint and apply. I certainly admire your dedication because the results look Great! I love the way it winds around the sign and how Marvelous that you were able to get your sign custom engraved. I didn't realize that they offered that special service but ....WOW! :D


PILAR6373 said...

Un resultado precioso!!

Giac said...

Hello Wanda,
The Ivy is looking beautiful! I want to eventually add some to my project, but the thought of making each leaf scares me. Great work!
Big hug,

MiniJardinomanie (Claire) said...

Very nice result with your ivy. And I like this side wall too :)