Thursday, June 4, 2015

Locked up Tight!

I'm still working in Toronto and killing time with more blog posts.  I thought I would work on the nails for the wing chair, while sitting in the hotel, but then I thought it might be wiser not too, a lot of those little nails may go flying and some poor unsuspecting future guests may get one in their foot! 
Someone asked in a comment on the last posting, were the nails real, yes they are.  They're about 3/32" long, but they are nails.  Judith sold us a really handy gadget to help with the process of inserting the nails.  More on that when I get home and start working on them.
I thought I would share more of what I was working on before I left for Toronto.  The front door of the book store finally has some hardware.  So now the door has been finished off with a new door knob and lock, complete with it's own key.  Since Ephriam is so trustworthy, he's hung the key next to the door so that he knows where to get it when he leaves!
Every store needs a little security, and Ephriam's Books, Maps and Manuscripts is no different! I love the copper finish of the door knob.

I completed this small project just before I left and took some quick pictures to share later.  Finally getting time to post them.  I have to get all the little projects inside completed so I can start on the Wisteria vine on the outside.  Now it's on to the lighting.
Until the next time.....


PILAR6373 said...

El detalle de la llave colgando en la puerta queda genial!!!!

Giac said...

Hello Wanda,
The door looks wonderful. It is perfectly aged and finished.
Big hug,