Sunday, June 21, 2015

Joe's Shed on Father's Day

For those of you who have followed my blog over the years you may know the garden shed I've been building has been a labour of love as a tribute to my dad.  He passed away a little over four years ago. He had a workshop that was the envy of most men in our community with every tool you could imagine.  

Carpentry was his hobby and for a pass time he built sleds for snowmobiles.  He took pride in hand crafting every sled with his uniquely designed style.  His pattern for his sleds were his a cherish possession to him.  He also built two very detailed ship models in the workshop.  He never referred to the building as a workshop, which it really was, it was simply his "shed".

In the past month, the tools were painstakingly removed from the "shed" and after over 40 years, the now unused and decaying shed was torn down to be replaced with a new shed to store his tools.  I have two tools from the shed, a level and a plane, both handmade by by great grandfather and passed down through the generations.  

It only seems right on this day, which we celebrate as Father's Day that I hang the sign on the model I built as a tribute to this wonderful man.  He was a quiet, gentle and kind man who never raised his voice, and was never without a smile on his face.  I can only wish to be the person he was.  My love of model building came from him.

Happy Father's Day dad.

Until the next time....



Frederica said...

wow , this is beautiful work , it looks so real , awesome idea !
love from Frederica

PILAR6373 said...

Un gran homenaje a tu padre,si él pudiera verlo,se sentiría muy orgulloso!!!!
Has hecho un precioso trabajo y muy realista,enhorabuena!!!

Lisa Lehr said...

It's stunning! Amazing work. Also, a very nice picture of your father and you.