Saturday, June 13, 2015

Show & Tell - Grandpa's Dollhouse

While I was in Toronto working on the wing chair, Liz at Grandpa's Dollhouse also attended the same workshop.  Thankfully she was so patient with my daily emails for the week leading up to the workshop.  Each day I would email her with my "do you have this item" email and "can you bring it to the workshop" email!

I needed more of the flowers, for the trellis and someone had suggested using a shade darker just to give some interest and depth to the trellis, so I found several shades, some that won't be used in this trellis, but they will get used in future projects.  Don't you just love the selection of colours!

I have so many baked goods to make yet for the bakery that I thought I needed some tools or products to duplicate them.  I got this great cupcake kit from Grandpa's Dollhouse.  It's created by Ruth Stewart.  It comes with a punch to make the cupcake liners, a silicone mold, and insert to shape the cupcake liners, foil to make the liners, a tool to help remove the cupcake from the mold and push the clay into the mold and a few paper plates.  It comes with detailed instructions on how to make the cupcakes!  Can't wait!

A couple of years ago I had make Louis Vuitton and Gucci briefcases for small gifts at Camp Mini Ha Ha.  Wish I had seen these small logos first!  When Liz showed them to me, I wanted them immediately.  Five different brand names and only $1.00 for a bag of ten logos!  A great deal.

These were the briefcases in production, two years ago.  I still have a few I kept that I can now add logos on.

I had been looking for some paper doilies for the trays in the bake shop and Liz had brought along these Ruth Stewart doilies.  Not exactly what I was looking for in the bake shop, but I loved them, and had one of each!  

They are so detailed, it's unbelievable.  These are lazer cut paper.  Wow!  These are also made by Ruth Stewart.  Just click on her name to check out her website.

I thought I could make my own silicone molds for the baked goods, as long as I could make one of each item I need, so Liz was also able to provide me with mold maker and casting resin to complete this task. 

The last thing from Grandpas Dollhouse was this lovely filigree clock.  Lisa from Lisa's Minis had placed an order with Grandpas Dollhouse and knowing I would be seeing Liz at this workshop, she asked Liz to give me this beautiful clock from her.  I think it will be perfect in either the street scene or even the Culinary Cuisine roombox, just have to decide which one.  What wonderful friends I have, thank you so much Lisa!  Lisa is away at Castine for this week, I am so envious, can't wait to hear all about it!

So that's my show and tell for today.  Hopefully one of these items were exactly what you were looking for and you can get them from Grandpa's Dollhouse also!

Until the next time.....


minwks said...

Hi, wonderful acquisitions, we will watch for all the cupcakes that you will be able to produce!
The different tones of the roses will help bring your climbing rose to life with the colour dimension,
Have fun

PILAR6373 said...

Unas compras preciosas!!!!

Liz - Grandpa's Doll House said...

Thanks for all of the wonderful comments about my store, Wanda. I always enjoy spending time with you. You are so talented! I also look forward to seeing you at Camp Mini Ha Ha in September. Thanks again, Liz, Grandpa's Doll House

Giac said...

Hello Wanda,
What great purchases. They are all terrific, but I love the clock most of all.
Big hug,

Lisa Lehr said...

Glad you like the clock :) I hope you can find a home for it :)