Sunday, June 7, 2015

Show & Tell - Little Dollhouse Company

I've arrived back home after my week in Toronto and refreshed and ready to start another week at the office.  I did get a hour in my workroom just to look over all the great purchases I had gotten in Toronto.  I sometimes feel a little foolish showing you the items I buy, but I always enjoy seeing other's new purchases and many times the links they provide help me to source similar products as well.  So in the hope that this may be of benefit to my readers, I'd like to show you what I purchased during my trip.

I've already mentioned that part of the reason for the trip was to make a wing chair that I will be using in a future build at Camp Mini Ha Ha.  I will be building a library inside a stack of books.  I want to have a table next to the wing chair with a chess set built into the top.  I found this great wood inlay that I am hoping to use around the edge of the table top.  I've got two different patterns, not sure which one I will use until I start building the table.

The Little Dollhouse Company had a large selection of these inlays. They are meant to be used on hardwood floors, but I will be using them on the table top.

I also found this great set of books for the library in this build.  They are the complete works of William Shakespeare and they are created by "A Novel Idea."  The books have blank pages inside, looks like William still has some writing to do!

Someone mentioned recently on a Miniature Facebook page that they were embarrassed that many times they had all the minis collected for a future build and had yet to start building anything.  Well I am no different from any of these people.  I've collected a lot of minis for a future wine cellar and a future interior design shop.  With this in mine, I now have another wine box and wallpaper sample book. I love these wallpaper books that are made by Syreeta's Miniatures but they are no longer listed on her website, but The Little Dollhouse Company still has lots of them.

Every time I get an opportunity to pick up some Tiny Turnings I do, these are great for some many uses in building.  This time I found a new shape I didn't have before.  I also found these great brackets.  Not sure what I'll use them for yet, but I try and get lots of architectural moldings when I travel, because having to order and wait for online products can be time consuming here in Newfoundland.

As I mentioned earlier, I plan to build a chess table for the Camp Mini Ha Ha build and I found this mass produced chess set at the store.  What appealed to me was the board had a magnet on the underside, so the chess pieces grab onto the top.  Taking this picture was challenging, but once I put the pieces back in the bag I realized there was a layer of plastic on the top of the chess board, once I peeled it back, the pieces grabbed much better.  Now I have to inlay the top into the table and surround it with the border strip shown above.

Another future build is a general store, and I found these great sacks of coffee and coal.  I like the greyed out cloth and the transferred logos.  I like to buy things like these, I find I can learn from them and make similar products myself.  The bags are also filled with bean-like items so they sit very sturdy.

For the Camp Mini Ha Ha build I needed a little bit of wallpaper, so I picked up this wallpaper, manufactured by Brodnax Prints.

Since my attempt at LED lighting wasn't successful for the Bookstore, I purchased these Houseworks lights and power strip for my plan B.  Thanks to Brae at Otterine Miniatures who gave me a plan C, if this option doesn't work!

So that was my day at The Little Dollhouse Company.  Tomorrow I will show you everything I got from Grandpa's Dollhouse.  Liz from Grandpa's Dollhouse attended the same wing chair workshop and I emailed her daily prior to the workshop with my ever growing list of things I needed!  Thankfully she was so patient with my many emails, or was it mini emails?!?
Until the next time.....


Giac said...

Hello Wanda,
Great purchases!
Big hug,

minwks said...

Hi Wanda, what fun you had in Toronto. The inlay wood strips are a wonderful treasure and will really enhance the chess board. I am overwhelmed. Y yo.ur future plans for builds. Wondering if you have a storage system for keeping things where you can retrieve them?

The West Coast mini show was a great success. I will post soon.
Regards Janine

otterine said...

I always love seeing them when they come to the Chicago Show, but I would love to see their store in person! :D