Friday, June 19, 2015

A Time to Climb

I've started laying out the ivy on the other wall outside the shop.  Had to move the shop out of the way to clamp and tape the vines.  I've added Lisa's wonderful clock to this wall and I plan to let the ivy weave in around the clock.

Here's a close up of the clock, sorry it's still taped in place, but I think it will look good once I get the store back into place and the leaves added.  You can see the background paper I used for inside the shop in this picture.

And here's with the shop wall back in place.  Still have to add hundreds of ivy leaves.

The shop windows look blurry because I still have the plastic film on the inside.  Didn't want to remove it until all the interior finishing was done.

Here's another close up of the ivy.
Then it's on to the bookstore landscaping.  I've added the pot I had made with the wisteria vines.  I taped them all in place to see if they would stay glued to the walls.

I removed the tape and they all jumped forward, oh well, I went ahead and glued on the wisteria.  I left about 20 flowers that I will add to areas once everything is dry.  Trying to get clusters together now was difficult, placing one close to another caused the first one to pop off.  Once it's dry I will add the remaining few and the hundreds of leaves I have ready.

Here's how it's looking all together now.  I know it will cover up some of the bookstore sign, but I think that makes it interesting.  Hopefully Ephriam won't mind!
Hope you like the progress so far.  Thanks to everyone for all their feedback, it's so helpful for me.
It's a long weekend in St John's, so I will be planting flowers outside (weather permitting) and "planting" leaves inside!
Until the next time....


minwks said...

Wanda, it looks terrific! You are making such quick progress.
Regards Jankne

Linn Brooks said...

you have a lot more patience than I could ever hope for. Your work is beautiful and I appreciate that you are kind enough to share with all of us

Liz - Grandpa's Doll House said...

Wow, Wanda. That wisteria looks awesome. I can't wait to see the other vine finished as well. The clock looks wonderful and so does the sign. Can I use this photo on my website? :-) Thanks!

PILAR6373 said...

La glicinia se ve fantástica,me encanta!!! El conjunto de las dos fachadas,queda impresionante,cuando le añadas todas las hojas a la hiedra y glicinia,resultará genial!!!!!

Giac said...

Hello Wanda,
It looks like a real life movie set. Terrific work!
Big hug,

Lisa Lehr said...

Wow, it's looking wonderful! I'm so glad you were been able to find a home for the clock :)