Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Rare Book & A Lot of Mess

I had purchased this engraved sign several years ago, I think from Grandpa's Dollhouse.  I've had it so long I've forgotten.  Liz you can chime in if it was from you.  I wanted to add it to the bookstore, but the only place was down close to the bottom, next to the flower pot, but I had to push it off to one side.  Once everything is in place, I think it will be okay.

Between working on all the shops in the street scene and the garden shed, all at the same time, it looks like a bomb has gone off in my work room!  I should be too embarrassed to show you this, but this is the sign of a creative mind right!

I've been using my green thumb (laughing silently to myself, green thumb all right!) to grow artificial flowers and vines around all my projects.  I think these will have a better chance of living than those I planted outside last year. (I live on an island in the Atlantic Ocean, and we have about two months of summer).  But I digress, more to share on my miniature landscaping in my next post.  For now I think I had better start cleaning up this workroom so I can have some working space!
Until the next time.....


minwks said...

Hi Wanda, yes, it is funny how small a space we can manage to work on once a project is underway. Love your old books sign.
I had not thought to do wisteria until I noticed the floral pic at Michaels. I have punched the Rose leaves and I think it is a satisfactory method.
Have a good weekend.
Regards Janine

PILAR6373 said...

ya veo que estás en plena producción y con varios proyectos abiertos,es genial!!!!No te avergüences de mostrar tu mesa de trabajo,todos los que hacemos miniaturas la tenemos igual o más desordenada!!
Por supuesto que las plantas artificiales van a tener mejor vida que las naturales y además no necesitan tantos cuidados jajajaja!!!!

Giac said...

Hello Wanda,
Great sign. I think your work room looks just right to me ;)
Big hug,