Saturday, May 23, 2015

While the ridge roof ages....

My miniature shed roof is slowly aging now, I've applied the same solution to the ridge roof and now I just have to wait.  Since I'm not that good at waiting, I just wondered over to the bakery, not for some Saturday morning croissants, but instead for a messy garbage can.

 I had purchased a plastic garbage can filled with candy at the local bulk food stores many years ago for the sole purpose of using it in the bakery scene.  Mine was bright green, but as you can see from this picture I found online, they come in mini colours and the scale is perfect.

I painted mine with numerous coats of gray aluminum coloured paint and them rusted it appropriately until it looked like this.

Then I proceeded to fill it.  I stuffed the bottom with some old paper to help me get to the top of the garbage can, then I collected a bakery box, bakery bag (two styles) some pop cans, coke bottle, scraps of baked goods, that obviously did not meet up to some customer's standards and an old flour sign, and glued it all to the inside of the can.  This was the results.

I added a few old fruit crates behind the garbage can with some appropriately "rotting" fruit and this was the end result.

Once everything is dried, I may add a few more messy things around the display.  

The unfortunate part of having "rotting" food around is that it may attract other visitors other than the customers.  This was a difficult shot for some reason, but I hope you see our visitor.

He's concealed a little,  but I need to figure out why my camera couldn't zoom in on him so closely.  Hope he doesn't make his way into the bakery!!!

In the meanwhile, I've added some more displays to the front of the bakery.  More to follow on this.

Once again, thank you for your comments and feedback.  It's so appreciated.

Until the next time......


PILAR6373 said...

Esos envases son perfectos para cubos de basura,gran idea!!1 El envejecimiento te ha quedado muy bien!!!

Lisa Lehr said...

Never thought I could like a garbage can so much! lol It looks great, and I really hope the little critter doesn't make his way into the bakery! lol