Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Rose Trellis at the Garden Shed

It's a couple of days later now, and I am still on the road travelling for work and sitting in a hotel (again) and I thought you would like to know how I filled the trellis.  I had made the trellis several years ago and wrote about it in this blog posting.  You can see how I made it in this posting.
Here's how I filled the trellis.  I used a punch that looked as close to a rose leaf as possible.  It was a Punch Bunch brand.  I do find these button punches difficult to use, but I managed to get a quite a few leaves punched. 
Then I cupped and dry brushed the rose leaves with a blend of red, gold and darker greens to give the leaves more depth of colour. 

While the leaves were drying, I added rose vines to the trellis.  I winded them throughout the trellis and glued the wires in place and left everything to dry

I used ready made roses and rose buds.  I glued all the roses and most of the buds in place the first evening, and left them to dry all night.

The next day I started to add all the leaves I had punched and painted.  I am still deciding whether I need to add more leaves.  I think I will wait until I return home and lay it against the side of the shed and see if it stands out enough.

Until the next time....


Eliana said...

The Rose Trellis is so beautiful! Great job!

Liz - Grandpa's Doll House said...

The trellis looks great Wanda! Looks like you had fun! Just a note that I sell the roses and buds on my website in different colours and I also have many Punch Bunch punches in stock (not on the site yet). They are hard to find now as they are no longer being made.

Wanda said...

Yes Liz, thanks for the reminder! I think these roses and buds actually came from your store on the Daily Deals! Now I need more! Looks like I will be writing you a list for later this month!

PILAR6373 said...

Te ha quedado perfecta y preciosa!!!!

Fabiola said...

The rose trellis is wonderful.

otterine said...

Beautiful work! :D

Lisa Lehr said...

The trellis looks great!