Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Roof Ridge

Sometimes thinking things through before you proceed are wonderful things to do.  Unfortunately I'm the type of person who just charges right in.  Which is exactly what happened when I glued the roof ridge copper on.  Had I thought it though, I would have realized I should glue one side, turn it, so it lies flat and weigh everything down so it dries firmly attached, then repeat for the other side.

Nooooo, but that's not me.  I glued both sides and then realized that clamping something that is on two angles is challenging.  That's when I get creative.  Here's your laugh for today and Wanda's unique clamping skills.  Wish me luck.

Yes that is a large potato chip bag clip on the top, holding two strips of wood that is trying to keep the ridge cap in place.  Since masking tape didn't appear to be holding to the oxidized copper well, it now extends from my work surface, right across the top of the chip clip and down to the other work surface.   I even taped the top of the chip clip so it wouldn't spring back.  If it does I may have a hole in the ceiling of the craft room tomorrow morning!  Wish me luck!

In the meanwhile, after four coats of the vinegar/salt solution here are some close ups of the roof.

I think I may put one more rinse on after the ridge cap is firmly adhered, (nod your head in acknowledgement please, without laughing) and then let the roof age for several weeks before applying the antiquing and moss (which will cover a multitude of errors in the copper application!)

I have lots of other things to work on with antiquing the outside walls and of course there's my other three UFOs, the bakery, the street scene and the long forgotten castle room.

Once again, thanks for all the comments, not just the ones on this blog, but on the Facebook pages.  A big shout out to the Facebook group, Hints and Tips for Making Miniatures, who gave me lots of wonderful feedback on my project.  If your not following this Facebook group, check it out now.  There's a wonderfully interactive group of followers there!  Thanks for the feedback and for sharing my link.

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Norma said...

I'm so glad to know there's someone else must like me out there in Blogland, rushing in first and thinking later sounds just like me! The roof is going to be spectacular in the end :) By the way, you're the second person to mention the 'Hints and Tips' Facebook group in the last few days so I'd better check it out.

otterine said...

Haaa! Awesome. Whatever works, I say!

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Wanda! Your aging technique is working wonderfully and the results are already incredible! :))
Love your solution for stabilizing the roof ridge, and I can well relate to the efficacy of green painter's tape. Been there and done that too!
Great Progress thus far! :))

PILAR6373 said...


Lisa Lehr said...

The roof is looking great!