Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lisa's Miniature Gifts

I'm getting myself all unpacked and back into the swing of making more miniatures.  The hardest part of travelling is coming home to unpack, wash and put away everything you needed while travelling! Wouldn't you like to wiggle your nose and have the suitcase unpack itself?  I wish!

Well last weekend is just a memory now and as I put away all the wonderful gifts that Lisa gave me, I thought I would share them with you first before they find a place in my displays.

I always wanted to build a Christmas room some day and Lisa gave me these wonderful Christmas cards she made and two lovely stockings.  The stockings are actually in Barbie doll scale, but they are still lovely.

I have wonderful new items to add to my bakery roombox.  Now I have these "Pigs in a Blanket", Chocolate Chip Cookies and Pretzels, both of which are much better made than the pretzels and chocolate chip cookies I attempted to make myself.  Her pretzels look good enough to gooble up right now, and her cookies have more realistic chocolate chips than mine, mine look like chocolate chunks!  Don't you just love the wrapper Lisa made for the pretzels, that's just the extra details she adds.

The pretzels and "Pigs in a Blanket, are added to a baking sheet and dressed with a doily and ready to display in my bakery shop.

Likewise for the cookies, can't decide if I should add all the cookies to one side, and add another item.  Think I will!

Lisa also gave me one of her pizzas, only type I can enjoy when your lactose intolerant!  Also a delicious bowl of chips made from pepper seeds and a box of tissues for a miniature bathroom.

I've never thought to make an Easter themed roombox, but Lisa also as given me more Easter treats.  If you recall she had given me the Easter bunny cake, complete with it's own bakery box, and now I have these lovely Easter bunny chocolates and one Easter Egg.  They are so realistic!  Now I have to decide where I can add these wonderful creations.  Lisa made them from an Easter themed mould and then painted the coloured details on afterwards.

If you get a moment, don't forget to check out Lisa's blog at Lisa's Minis  You can also follow her on Facebook.  

Thank you again for all your kind suggestions in the comments on the garden trellis, I think I will add more leaves and more flowers and not have them so evenly spaced.  I can add some darker leaves as well.  I will have to Liz know at Grandpa's Dollhouse that I need more roses, I don't have anymore this exact same shade.

If you noticed the new look to my blog, I was trying to play around with it, and have made some major changes, most unintentional.  It appears I've changed my blog from three columns to two, which has completed eliminated my bucket list.  Got to go and rebuild it again.

Now I guess it's back to tidying my workroom, while the glue dries on several other items.

Until the next time.....



PILAR6373 said...

Muy bonitos regalos y unos deliciosos dulces navideños!!!

Lisa Lehr said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures. I'm looking forward to having some mini-time again :)