Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Classic Cuisine

Last year I turned 50, yikes.  I know it's just a number.  Still there's all these things you would like to accomplish before you turn these plateau ages.  For me, you'll see a long list of things on my miniature bucket list on the left side of my blog.

One of those things was to take a workshop with Whitledge-Burgess.  Leave it to my wonderful husband, who also reads my blog, (hence adding the "wonderful" part before his title), he surprised me with a Whitledge-Burgess workshop at the April Chicago Miniature show.  I was so excited, a week in Chicago, a wonderful workshop and then to shop at the miniature show, what more could a miniaturist ask for!  I even got to talk to Scott Burgess to work out some details (having to travel on to North Carolina from the show, due to my work commitments.)  Plans were made to meet up with some of my friends from Camp Mini Ha Ha at the show, and it all came together.

But even the best of plans sometime don't work out.  Unfortunately as some of you may know, the Whitledge-Burgess workshop at the Chicago show was cancelled due to personal reasons.   I got an email from Scott who explained everything and we came up with an alternate arrangement, I got two Whitledge-Burgess kits instead!!  I don't get to meet these wonderful guys, but I got the second prize, another Plan B for me.

The kits are Classic Cuisine and Equestrian Spa.  Here's images from the Whitledge-Burgess site showing the completed projects.

Classic Cuisine
Equestrian Spa

The first of the kits, Classic Cuisine, arrived recently, I was so excited, unfortunately not so much with Canada Post, who left the kit, unsigned, on my door step.  Thankfully I have honest neighbours!

(don't worry guys, I erased the address from the picture!)

It was just like Christmas morning!  I quickly opened the book, and then gulped!  It's an absolutely detailed kit, with pages and pages of instruction, a very complicated lighting LED lighting system (okay complicated to me, who's afraid of lighting), and a very organized kit, each section is bagged to keep all the parts separated to ensure there's no confusion.

Then I had to control myself and not start one more kit and have another partially completed project in progress.  I have decided to finish the bakery, garden shed and castle room first!  (Wonder how long I will keep that promise to myself! Ha!) 
I have wonderful friends from Camp Mini Ha Ha who completed a similar roombox in a workshop at last year's Chicago Show and they promise to help me.  I'll have them on speed dial once I start the kit, thankfully I have a great long distance plan, since they are all in Ontario!
But I am hoping once I do start this kit, that you will follow along with me and watch me complete one of the items on my bucket list.  I am so excited, and so thankful to my husband, Scott Burgess and Ray Whitledge for helping to make my 50th year so extra special!
Now it's back to folding copper for the roof of the garden shed!  More to follow on this!
Until the next time.....


PILAR6373 said...

Realmente tuviste un cumpleaños muy especial!!!!
Estoy segura de el kit lo montarás y decoraras y te quedará perfecto!!
Ahora a terminar los proyectos que tienes entre manos!!!!

Eliana said...

Wow! Os "kits" parecem maravilhosos! Realmente são ótimos substitutos ao "workshop" perdido. Parabéns!

Elizabeth S said...

You BETTER Believe that I'll be following along! :D What lovely gentlemen to have forwarded you these FABULOUS KITS, fun Fun FUN! :D

otterine said...

Oh, my! What a fabulous Plan B! :D

Lisa Lehr said...

The kits are going to be gorgeous! Can't wait for you to get started :)