Sunday, May 24, 2015

Gifts from the Moncton Miniature & Doll Show

We had visitors from New Brunswick this past weekend.  Earlier this month there was a miniature show in Moncton (I think, Riverview to be exact).  I knew a couple of the people exhibiting at the show.  Also a friend and work colleague of mine, who lives in Monction, sent me an email to tell me about the show.  We have a long history of bad things happening to both of us when it comes to me buying miniatures, while travelling for work, to the point now it has become a little bit of a joke.  To say the least, when they heard of the show, I got the notice, and I told them they should drop by and visit the show!!  Never thinking they would, but they did!

The Saturday of the show I get this picture texted to my phone, announcing that they had arrived at the show.  Of course the first reaction was "Buy me something!"

When they arrived this weekend, I got my "gifts" from the Moncton Show.  Unfortunately the handmade items did not have any information on the makers.  So for anyone who recognizes the work, I would love to give them credit.

I received this lovely wine and cheese prep board.  The crackers are perfect, and the grapes and cheeses look good enough to eat.  Of course two bottles of the necessary wine, one white, one red.

Some close up shots.

I know just the place I will be using this prep board.  More on that tomorrow!

Then there was this wonderful little bulletin board, complete with it's own "thumbtacks", which have a tendency to go flying across my craft room (but I keep finding them, otherwise it would be painful to step on one!)  Think I will use this one in the bakery, and move the one in the bakery to the shed door, think the colours will work better.

My friend's favourite drink is rum and Pepsi, so my third gift was his favourite drink.

Isn't it great to have friends who will just buy you gifts when you ask?!  It was great to hear when they told some people at the show who they were buying the gifts for, they actually knew me, friends from Camp Mini Ha Ha!  The world is so small, no pun

I know they got to speak to Jo-Ann Shaw, you can check out her wonderful pottery and other miniatures by clicking on her name.  Jo-Ann, they are still amazed at your pottery.  They loved the pieces I have from you when I showed them during their visit this weekend.

Also at the show was Marijke.  You can check out her blog.  She makes everything from flowers to miniature food to the most exquisite needle work.

To all the other exhibitors, hope it was a successful show.  If you are the crafters of the two wonderful projects above I would love to know.

So I didn't get to go the Moncton show, but I definitely got to reap the benefits.  I think I read that this may be their last show, which is sad.  Glad I got to get some mementos from the show.

Until the next time....

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