Friday, May 29, 2015

Garden Shed

I haven't accomplished much in my miniatures this week.  I've been busy with work and getting ready to go on the road again.  I thought you would like to see the garden shed in place in the base.  Sorry some of the pictures are a bit dark, took them at dusk.  Once everything is finished I will take better shots outside.

I still have to do all the antiquing to the entire project and add the moss to the roof.  I'm still working on the trellis as well and a few minor floral projects around the shed.  So far I am pleased with it.  I think my Plan A  Plan B Plan A roofing turned out good.
I'm off to Toronto for the week, first for a miniature workshop on building a leather wing chair!  I want to use the project in one of my upcoming roomboxes, so I'll have lots of news on this when I return.  (Or maybe I will be able to blog as I go, I plan to take lots of pictures!)
After my mini weekend, I have to attend a Furniture Show for the rest of the week, so I may not be able to blog during the week. 
Hope you all have a great week!
Until the next time....


Liz - Grandpa's Doll House said...

Can't wait til we see you, Wanda! It is going to be so much fun with Mama Judy!

Liz - Grandpa's Doll House said...

P.S. - I absolutley love how the roof is looking. I am going to have to try that! Thanks so much for sharing.

minwks said...

Good Morning Wanda,
The roof turned out so well, congratulations, it was quite demanding but worth the effort.
I see you have made/acquired lots of plants! Now we see all your accessories It is looking very good. Will you show it in the future at a miniature show?
The BC Miniature show will be on the 7 th of June, so I am burning the midnight oil as I will be exhibiting my house for the first time.
studio E Miniatures will be there too,
Your friends found you some great treasures in Moncton , the cheese board is wonderful.
Have a great weekend.
Regards Janine

Steinworks said...

I love the entire scene' its so cute.


Wanda said...

Janine, thanks for your kind comments. Unfortunately because travel from the island is so expensive, especially traveling with large projects, bringing it to a show is almost impossible. Best of luck at the BC Miniature Show!

otterine said...

Fantastic work!!! :D

Fabiola said...

Very beautiful!

Lisa Lehr said...

The shed is looking great!