Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Roof Continues!

Today I trimmed and fitted the rafters for the roof. I have to stain them before I do the final glueing, so they match the studs. But everything is fitting perfectly, so I am pleased. I had to cut a partial 45 degree angle on each rafter to line up with the 45 degree angle I carved a couple of weeks ago on the fascia. This will give me a seamless angle to fit the roof sheathing on later. I am hoping to use more of the boards I salvaged from the cedar flower lattices for the roofing.

View from the top:-

View from the inside looking out:-

Detail of the cut on the rafters:-

I have one new follower to welcome. It's someone whom I admire their work tremendously, so I am honoured that they have taken the time to follow my blog.

Please welcome, Bozse, and everyone please have a look at the fantastic work at

I am so impressed with the aging that you are doing on your projects. Thanks for sharing your work to all of us avid followers.



Merry Jingle said...

It's looking great :) I'll send you an email today later on about the garden swap :)

Nina said...

You ara very busy, every day is something more to see.
The garden shed will get super.

Bözse said...

Thanks for the link to my blog! Your words are so sweet, I can't tell my feelings in english! I'm really touched! Thank you!
This shed is a great project!

lulukachu said...

It looks fantastic! Amazing detail. Cute latter