Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

For us here in Canada, we celebrate Canada's Birthday! It's also a statutory holiday, so we got to enjoy a day off!! I started the day in my craftroom working on more minis for the garden shed.

Thanks to a good boss I also have tomorrow off, so I have four days off to make miniatures!! We decided to get out and enjoy the afternoon at the MUN Botanical Gardens (MUN is the local university, Memorial University of Newfoundland). I got lots of ideas for my full size garden, plus great ideas for the mini garden around the shed. I thought I would share a few of the pictures of the flowers from the Botanical Gardens. Everything was beautiful!
The first two pictures were of a large vine that had wrapped itself around an arbor. I thought it would be a good help for when I build the vine for the trellis on the garden shed. I love the twisted branches working their way up the side of the arbor.

The I took some pictures of the Rhododendrons. I got three shots of the flower at different stages of blooming!

I'll share more pictures in the future.

Back to minis:-
I needed a break from the printies, so in the morning, I decided I would make a small carrier for the garden tools in my shed. I made a template, and then decided it needed to be a bit larger. (Note for future: always go with your first impression!!) I decided to cut out four because there was going to be some curves and holes in the middle section and I was afraid I would break the wood while making those cuts. I was correct, and now I have three carriers (not four) drying at this point.
Here are some pictures of the carrier in progress:-

The completed carrier, ready for final sanding and painting, and of course filling!!

After I glued it, I realized it was much too big, and had to break in down again and recut it smaller!! See! I should have went with my first impression. I used the same technique to make the hole for the handle that I used when I made the bread trays for my bakery. (I'll show those another day!)
I drilled three holes towards the top of the center section, and then cut out the wood between the holes. Then I used a nail file that I trimmed down to fit into the hole and sand it smooth! So far I have everything glued, but I still have to paint and fill the carriers. Looks like I will have two extra to share once I finished this project, since I was successful in not breaking 3 of the 4 I cut out!!

So tomorrow hopefully I will show you the filled carrier, complete with supplies!


Irene said...

Happy Canada day to you. Isn't it nice to have a whole day to play with minis? Love the carrier and I know where you're coming from re scale - why is it always too big and never too small! It's going to look great all painted and filled.

Norma said...

Hope you're enjoying your days off! Pretty garden pics, hopefully you'll get to enjoy it on your long weekend.

Thanks for the info on the tray (I can so relate to making something then having to pull it apart to make adjustments!!), I've been thinking about doing something similar and have been wondering about the best way to make the 'carry hole' so thanks for the tips.

Thanks too for your sidebar info about my giveaway, and good luck in the draw!

Wanda said...

Ladies thanks for your kind comments. Glad I was able to help you with your project Norma. I was able to add your give-a-way as a side bar! It's the new thing that I learned today!

dale said...

Love your rhodas! :)
This carrier would also be great for a workman's tools. Thanks for sharing it.

Karin F. said...

Your extra carriers will be great for give-aways, swaps etc.
hugs Karin