Sunday, July 18, 2010

Home Again

It's always exciting to travel to other places, but it seems it's always more exciting to get home again. After a few busy days in Halifax, Nova Scotia for work, I am back on the Rock again. For those who have never heard, Newfoundland is affectionately referred to as The Rock, because of the rugged coastline and vast areas of very little vegetation, and just mainly "rocks." It's a beautiful area never the less.

I did get to spend some evening time with my miniature friends in Halifax though, and we spent a lovely evening at Nancy's house getting to see her extensive miniature collection that she has accummulated over many years. I was so impressed and so in awe. There were times that I didn't know where to turn because she had such a large collection. She works on her miniatures in a space that is the same size as my entire house!! I am so envious. She was an absolutely gracious host, and when we parted she gave me a beautiful gift to remember my visit to her home and to Nova Scotia. I've informed her that she can adopt me anytime she wants too!!

It was a miniature dinner setting of a lobster meal. For anyone who has never been to the area, lobster is definitely a meal you have to taste when visiting the area. In my case, I just get to admire it!! Too little to taste!! But absolutely beautiful. Nancy thank you so very much.

If you can believe it, I forgot to take my camera with me to Nancy's, but one of the other girls did remember and they have sent me the pictures, so I have got to sort through them and post one at a later date.

I also spent an evening visiting my future in-laws in the area, and they are avid flea market collectors and always on the outlook for me for miniature items. Bess had found these wonderful little ceramic children and dressed cats and other figurines. Now I have to plan a future project for them. Aren't they great?!

I returned from my trip on Friday evening, but yesterday was such a beautiful day we spent some of the time outside, until it got too hot, and then we did a little more planning and shopping for our upcoming wedding. My fiance and I are getting married on October 23rd, so we have lots of planning to do for that day. With all my travelling and minis to take up my time, and least I forget, the career that pays all my bills, and allows us to enjoy our life, planning a wedding is one more adventure to add to the mix.

I was able to squeeze one mini into the last two days though. I wanted a little bench for outside the door of the garden shed, and I had cut it out and started to assemble it before I left for Halifax, and this morning I was able to finish it. I pickled the wood, but I think once it's dry (still wet in the picture) I may "dirty" it up a little and make sure it fits perfectly in place by the shed. I modelled it after a bench that my mom had for many years. It was used in her family home when she was growing up. I used it myself as a coffee table for many years and only in the past years gave it back to mom for her to use again. They used it at their kitchen table growing up. It is a wonderful old bench, and I love my replica of it.

While in Halifax I did take a quick trip to the local Michael's store and was able to get a block of the terra cotta coloured air-drying clay. I thought once I got to the airport, the block of clay safely packed in my suitcase may raise a few eyebrows once the luggage passed through screening, but there were no TSC security alerts in my suitcase when I arrived home. I travel quite often and know every miniature shop in my travels, so I buy often when travelling and some of my miniature purchases have raised a few security alerts over the years. From the little bags of landscaping materials, (it's only little bags of to the blades for my hand saws and cutters, to the steel and magnet gluing jig, I have seen many TSC security alert notices in my bags over the years. They must wonder what this lady is doing with all these supplies, and I am sure to the person who has never seen what we make, it is difficult at times explaining our pastime!

I am hoping to make some paving tiles for the grounds just outside the garden shed with my newly acquired clay. That will be a posting for another day. I have seen several blogs over the past month working with this product and I am excited about experimenting myself.
I wasn't able to get much reading in on the blogs I follow during my trip, a few at the airport while waiting for my return flight, so a good part of yesterday was spent "catching up." I follow over 200 blogs, and most of them are miniature related, so I did read each and every posting, but because I had so much to read I only posted a couple of comments. I did see some fabulous pictures in your postings, and I am envious of those who won fabulous give-a-ways and received wonderful swap items. You are so fortunate.
I did gain a few more followers myself, that I would like to welcome. Some of them are bloggers that I follow already. Take a moment and view the wonderful work they are doing.
Welcome to:-
Sarah, This is a really interesting blog. Definitely take the time to have a look.
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Thanks for taking an interest in my blog as well.


Norma said...

So many interesting points in this post Wanda. Looks like you've managed to pack in quite a bit of mini related activity while you've been away. I can certainly imagine there must indeed by a few raised eyebrows when your luggage is xrayed, especially those little bags of powder :)

PAKY said...

thank you for your welcome, is a pleasure follow your blog! greetings

Cinderella Moments said...

Your security story is hilarious! As long as you don't get the strip search, you're fine!

Rosamargarita said...

Muchas gracias Wanda, por la bienvenida, es un placer ser tu seguidora
Saludos desde Guadalajara, México.