Saturday, July 3, 2010

Crates & Signs!

I promised yesterday that I would show you some of the other minis I have been working on for the garden shed. I had accumulated a lot of miniature printie signs, that I have patiently cut out over the past week. Yesterday I glued the signs to a 1/16" board and painted and distressed the signs. I got a little carried away with my sign making. Some of them were not necessarily something I would put in my shed, some may work on my other projects, even one I know will work in a friend's project, and some I have no idea where I will use them, I just liked them! (Like the Paris sign).
The printies I used came from a variety of places. Some were downloaded from the intranet, some were from Miniaturas magazine web site and some came from accessory catalogs. I work as a home furnishings buyer, so I have lots of old accessories catalogs that I can use for sources such as this and also for inspiration.
I also glued labels to some of the boxes I had aged, and then I aged the labels as well. I also made some seed flats. I still have to fill those with "soil & plants", but that will be for another day.

Here is some of the signs and crates I have completed.

I have a new follower to welcome as well.

Esperanza, her blog is Drop by and look at the very detailed work she is doing.


Norma said...

I love that Paris sign, it'd be perfect in my Borcante! If I could think of something I could make for your shed I'd suggest a swap... Hmmm, maybe I have. Email me if you're interested. There's an 'email me' button on my blog.

All of your boxes and signs are just great. I'm sure that your shed will need lots more 'little' things than a house for sure.

Irene said...

You've been very busy! I love the style of the signs and boxes.

Merry Jingle said...

I love the crates and everything else you've done to your garden shed! Amazing work! And I'm so happy that you found my blog so I found yours, I'll be needing so many ideas for my English greenhouse that I'm starting to build :)

Wanda said...

Hi ladies, thanks for all your kind comments!