Monday, July 5, 2010

Progress on the Garden Shed Roof

I haven't shared a lot of photos of the exterior of the shed in the past week, and instead have concentrated on it's contents instead. I have been working on the roof. The peaks are installed, the ridge beam, soffits and fascia boards. I now have to install the rafters and joists I cut. But so far, so good!! It's really starting to take shape.

View from the right side:-

View from the left side:-

View through the front doors:-

View from the partially completed roof:-

I have two more followers to welcome today. Please have a look at the blogs from these two ladies. There is some wonderful things going on in their blogs!


Ladies, any feedback and comments you would like to leave is greatly appreciated.



Margaret said...

Your shed looks great and I am so impressed by your knowledge of all the correct builder's terms, you must be an experienced builder? Love the colour and the interior looks very interesting through the doors, I will have to find your posts on the interior.

Merry Jingle said...

It's looking great, I love the shade of green you've used :)

Wanda said...

Thanks ladies. My educational background is in architectural engineering, but I've been an interior designer for most of my working career, so I have a strong knowledge of housing construction.
The green colour was an interesting technique. It was specified in the magazine instructions I am following and it uses a wash of oil based stain and an immediate wash of acrylic paint over the wet stain. I really like how it worked out. It's discussed in an earlier post if you want to read back.
Thanks for your kind comments!

cockerina said...

Hello Wanda!!
my blog is my home, new friends are always welcome!
I really like your shed, I am pleased to have presented it on my blog, I hope you receive new followers, because your work deserves a lot of interest!
kisses from Italy away!

Irene said...

I love the view through the front door - there's so much to see.