Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I've got mail!!

I received some lovely accessories for my garden shed today from Norma of .  I had made a Parisian sign while making all my garden signs and Norma loved it, so we decided to do a swap.  I am so pleased with the items that Norma sent.  It goes to show that two minds are better than one.  I had never thought to print garden plans for the shed, but Norma did, and they are fabulous.  She sent me five really nice plans.  I've been working with a garden plan to landscape my front yard for a couple of years now, but I never thought to print some for my garden shed.  Thanks for thinking of it Norma!

Norma also sent me five mini magazines, and some of them are Canadian Gardening magazines!  She also sent me a great open magazine, pictured below.

I've been playing around with placing the items with my other garden shed items.  Being trained as an architectural technologist, my first instinct was to fold some of the garden plans the same way full size plans are folded.  It's a little more challenging when they are less than 2" wide though!!  I also rolled up some of the plans and placed them in the wooden crate just to the right of the potting table.  It's a little harder to see in the picture.

If you look closely you can see some of the magazines placed at the bottom of the potting table.  I plan to build another bench for the side of my shed, and I think the open magazine will work perfect there.

I also folded a plan and placed in my garden tote.  Sorry there won't be a plan in the garden tote for my give-a-way, they are too cute and I want them all!!  lol.   You can also see the magazines close up on the bottom shelf!

Lastly, Norma sent me two planting guides, which I think will work perfect on the back of the shed doors.  I have to decide how I want them mounted and then I will photograph them for you to see!  I'll save that treat for another day.

So a big thank you to Norma, I am so pleased with the items I received.  I do hope you receive my item soon.  Let me know.


Glenda said...

Aren't Norma's printies so lovely - she knows exactly what people need, and they are so well made!!

Merry Jingle said...

What a wonderful little things you've gotten, Norma is so clever with her minies :)

I'm still in the progress of making your swap, sorry that it's going to take some time :)

Norma said...

What fun it is to see them in place, I was a bit worried whether or not I'd got the sizing right but they look ok.

I have a bit of a tale of woe - I couldn't check the mail box at the post office today to see if your mail had arrived because I went out without my keys - not just the mail box key but my housekeys as well!!! I realised my mistake just as I heard the lock 'click' when I pulled the door behind me, that was at 11.45 for a noon tutorial. After that I went to the mall for lunch, spent some time doing my homework and realised there was still 3 hours to 'kill' before my homestay guest would be home (and hubby not until the early hours of the morning!) so I went to the cinema. I arrived just in time to see Karate Kid, not a great movie but entertaining and it kept me off the chilly and wet city streets for 3 hours.

Wanda said...

Oh Norma, sorry to hear about your being locked out. Sounds like something I would do. The sizing is perfect on the items. I am so pleased with everything. Thanks!

Maribel said...

Debes estar muy contenta, es un gran regalo. Disfrútalo.

by Sonya Rotella said...

Very beautiful miniatures.I love very much garden items!Of course I have leaved a post to your give away! :-))