Monday, September 28, 2015

Time for goodbyes for another year

As I packed for home, Camp Mini Ha Ha is over for another year,  for me it was the best year ever.  Not just for the unique project we worked on, but for the fun and laughter and especially the new friendships made at Camp.

As I packed my remaining items I snapped a few last minute pictures of the project.  Yesterday while the gatorboard walls were taped and drying and the the books were attached and clamped, I couldn't work on the panel walls and decided to start filling the bookcases with all my books and accessories.  Here's some of the shots of the filled cases both inside and outside the book box.   (Excuse the metal ceiling used as a back drop in the first two shots.  It's still not attached and there was too much light coming in from a full size window behind the shelving.

A peep inside the Roombox after I removed the clamps this morning.

Bookcases propped in place.  (Sorry window scene is not propped behind the window here).

You can see the inside cover of the book on the opening side.  It has a blue cover and I have to put some thought into how I want to finish this inside cover.

I packed lots of packing tissue inside the Roombox, leaving the bookcases all in place.  All the accessories are glued on.  I've arrived home now and all the accessories and bookcases remained in place.  I did pack the Roombox in my carry on since it was so small.  Didn't trust in going in checked luggage!  It didn't set off any warnings going through the X-ray machine at the airport, even though it was a set of hollowed out books with wires leading out of the back!  I can only imagine what airport security think sometimes of our traveling minis!

Thanks for following along over the past week and sending all your comments.  For Janine who asked did we choose the books, no we did not.  One of the organizers received the collection of books because they were to be discarded, and rather than having them discarded they decided to recycle them into this project.  We didn't choose the books from the collection even, this was decided in advance and the books were cut in advance,  Once cut to fit the precut gatorboard, no one could switch out individual books because they varied in size and may not have fit the gatorboard box had they done this.  Some book sets were all different, like mine, and some people did have some duplicate books.

I've more to share in the coming weeks as I complete this project and share with you the other great things I got at Camp!

Until the next time...


PILAR6373 said...

El proyecto prometía ser muy interesante y veo que has aprovechado muy bien el campamento,te queda muy bonita la escena,ya nos la enseñarás terminada!!!!!
Y lo mejor las nuevas amistades y los reencuentros con los antiguos amigos,mucha diversión y un recuerdo entrañable!!!!

Irene said...

I've been following your progress over the past week (by reading all the posts at once!) and it really comes over how much you enjoyed your time at the Camp. I love your little display and the arrangement you have created on the shelves. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project and to hear all your other stories in coming posts.

Giac said...

Hello Wanda,
I am so happy you had a good time and that you were able to work on such a stunning project. I can't wait to see your vision complete.
Big hug,

claude said...

beautiful strcture, good idea