Monday, September 7, 2015

Miniature Souvenirs & Books

After our first day at the Shaker museum, we continued doing the typical tourist things such as visiting local sites and the typical souvenir shops.  We mainly stuck to visiting shops that had the works of local artisans.  In one shop in Stockbridge, MA called An American Craftsman, I found these lovely miniature glass sculpture.  I think they will look perfect on the shelves in some of my miniature roomboxes.

In another shop, Williams & Sons Country Store in the same community, I found this miniature guitar.  It's not locally made, but some day I would like to build a music room.  I've already assembled a grand piano from the Realife Music Room kit and I still have a violin and music stand to build from the same kit.  You remember the name of my blog is So Mini Projects for a very good reason!

The shop had lots of other miniature instruments but most were out of scale.  They were intended as fridge magnets, but I don't think you will notice the magnet on the back of the guitar.  

During our vacation we checked out quite a few second hand bookstores.  Both my brother-in-law and myself are avid readers, and second hand bookstores have so much potential for hard to find older books.  I was fortunate to find seven older miniature books, two of which I already owned, so I decided on purchasing only four of the books.  The store was the Yellow House Books in Great Barrington, MA.  I left the Berkshires with the following books to add to my collection.

One of the books was this great reference books.  I have a few similar books like this which I find very useful.

So I was able to at least add a few items to my miniature collection during this vacation.  Since we have no miniature shops in my province, I've always had to depend on online shopping and my work and vacation travel to add to my collection.  

As I write this posting I'm on the return flight back home.  I have lots of exciting news for other postings of my entire vacation and all my miniature adventures.  One never knows what one can find when you really look for miniatures.  Stay posted for later finds!

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