Friday, September 25, 2015

Camp Mini Ha Ha - Day Two

It's our first day of actually working on our kit and I've started my post with the new "grey haired Wanda" picture, whose given up on colouring her hair (don't call it blonde, I will be so upset)!

Seconds after I arrived my work station looked like this.

Here's a closeup of the cut books we will be using.

We had to glue and clamp the pages from the cut edge.

After they dried we cut out the window opening and test fitted everything.  The books are not glued to each other nor glued to the roombox at this point.

Next we start working on the interior of the box.

In the evening we had our gift exchange.  To ensure everyone leaves the workroom and arrive, they have a early bird prize.

For my gift exchange I received this coach light and footstool from my workmate, Cathy, whose been great sharing miniature stories with today.  She's pictured with me above in the first picture.

At lunch each day we exchange "tidbits", which are smaller gifts that everyone gives each attendee.  Today I got these lovely cupcakes that I can use for my bakery, plus an extra paper plate.

This beautiful laser cut book stand with the Camp Mini Ha Ha logo etched into the wood.

A leather book and brass key.

Lion bookends, which will work in my library roombox.

A beautiful ink well and quill set.

A beautiful little watch, that will work in that lady's shop someday, or maybe the master bedroom of my dollhouse evening.

And a small 3x5 rug.

It's been great catching up with everyone.  Can't wait until we start on the inside of the box.  That's where the fun begins.

Until the next time....
From Camp Mini Ha ha....



minwks said...

Hi Wanda, Love the idea of the book box. Did you choodr the books?
regards Janine

PILAR6373 said...

Wanda que emocionante comenzar con la escena de los libros,me parece tan bonita,os espera mucha diversión!!!!!

Jennifer Hatt said...

Looks like lots of fun, i would love to escape from my kids for a weekend and play.This project with the books is very interesting, looking forward to more pics.


Giac said...

Hello Wanda,
What fun! The roombox will be wonderful. The book exterior is great and you got great prizes. I love the hair!
Big hug,