Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Visit to Drap

The first miniature store I visited in Barcelona was Drap.  After a walk through the beautiful Barri Gothic area of Barcelona we found Drap Cases de Nines & Minatures.  Thanks to Eva who gave me the information on all three of the miniature stores in the Barcelona area.

I was so excited when I got to Drap, my husband became photographer to document the moment.

I had several goals for my miniature purchases in Europe.  I wanted items that would work in my current projects, within my budget (including all the birthday monies I had received, we travelled to Barcelona on my birthday).  I didn't want miniature building supplies that I could easily pick up online in North America.  But most importantly, I wanted items from local miniaturist in Europe.

I knew my lack of the local language would be an hindrance, but thanks to all the local store owners and staff, and in one case the customer, we overcame this challenge. 

At Drap I purchased the following (not the table, just using that has a backdrop):-

Several months ago I saw an article in American Miniaturist magazine on Montserrat Folch, a miniature artist in Spain.  Knowing I would be travelling to Spain, I promptly sent her an email asking if there were any stores in Barcelona carrying her products, since she didn't live in Barcelona.  I didn't get a response, but no worries, considering my email was in English, I knew I ran the risk.  But I was in luck, the first thing I saw when I walked into Drap was her miniature work.  I promptly swept up two pieces.  I am hoping to use these in my miniature castle roombox.  Check out Montserrat Folch's other works at  You will definitely be impressed when you see how often her work has been published!

My next purchase is for my minature bakery.  Don't you just love this apple pie.  It's made by Montserrat Rique.  I was not familiar with this artisan, but I was impressed with their work.  I tried googling the name, but I was unsuccessful in finding more information.  Maybe someone can let me know.

Update:  Thanks to Carmen, the web site for Montserrat Rique is  Check out the wonderful site!

The next item I purchased was made by Savador Marge.  I was so impressed with the glassware of this artisan I made purchases in three of the venues I visited.  Again I tried googling the artisan but I was unsuccessful in finding something.  Hopefully I have spelled the names correctly.  Again maybe a Spanish follower can add more information for me.  I will probably use this in the castle or maybe even the bakery, filled with wonderful treats.

I've always loved Burberry bags, and now I have one in miniature.  It's made by Olga Asensio.  Again I tried googling this artisan, and could only find the name at the Swan House, but the items shown were different, so I was concerned that I have assigned the wrong artisan to this bag.  Again maybe someone can correct me on this.  I want to ensure I give the artisans credit for their work.  Again I think it will look great in either the castle room (which will be decorated for today's time period) or even sitting at a table scene outside the bakery.
Another update, again thanks to Carmen, the web site for Olga Asensio de Hara is  Check out the wonderful items of her site, wow!!

The first miniature item I made was a dollhouse and like so many miniaturist, I moved on to other projects without ever finishing it.  It's still on my list, but one room is papered as a little girl's bedroom.  The little teddy bear will work wonderfully there.  It's made by Francesca Martinez (Gina),  Again I put Google to work and found her on Etsy.  She has a lovely shop called Petitissim there, check it out.

Update:  She also has a blog. Check it out at

Lastly I broke my criteria with my next purchase.  I've owned a curio that was built for me about twenty years ago to house my miniatures.  I've never like the door on the curio, and I've always wanted to change the curio to a dollhouse front and have even gone as far as drawing out the facade of the house.  I had drawn a door pattern, but had given up the idea when I couldn't source the door anywhere.  Will to my delight hanging in the architectural components area of Drap was the door I had drawn.  Will I had to have it.

I also purchased four Minaturas magazines.  Even though they are in Spanish, the pictures are so descriptive I will have no problem following along.
So my visit to the first miniature store in Barcelona was an absolute success.  Later that afternoon my husband and I walked to the other two stores in Barcelona, but I had forgotten about Siesta time in Spain, and both stores were closed!  I would have to visit them when I returned to Barcelona after our Mediterrenean cruise.  More on that in my next posting since this one has gotten so long winded.  Hope the local people of Barcelona can add more on these artisans!
A big shout out to all the new followers who have elected to follow along.  Thanks so much in your interest in my miniature ramblings.
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Giac said...

Hello Wanda,
What a lovely holiday shopping spree. You certainly got a lot of beautiful pieces. I'll have to visit that shop when we go in Barcelona next year. thanks for the tip.
I look forward to seeing more.
Big hug,

John said...

Oh, Wanda, you obviously had a great time on your trip and I hope to get back to Europe again soon, too! What great stuff you found! I agree, the Spanish magazines are well-worth it for their splashy photo lay-outs. Thanks for sharing your photos!

Margaret said...

Waht a great trip you have had Wanda,a miniaturist's dream. Love your purchases.

carmen said...

te ayudo un poco:

Montserrat Riqué:

OLga Asensio de Haro:

Wyrna Christensen said...

Welcome back, hope you had a wonderful trip. These are some beautiful things you purchased. The small glass jar and your Burberry bags are so amazing.

Eva said...

Both Montses (Riqué and Folch), Olga and Francesca are great miniaturist.
I am happy that you had a great time in drap :)

Eva said...

By the way Drap's blog

Mini hugs


Fabiola said...

I like your purchases. Fantastic time.
Kiss Faby

Irene said...

You have made some lovely purchases. Thanks for the links to the miniaturists. The only one I knew was Monsterrat Folch

Ascension said...

Enhorabuena por todas esas preciosas compras que hiciste en Drap.
Son de unas grandes artesanas.
besitos ascension

Olga Asensio De Haro said...

hola gracias por la compra del bolso en DRAP seguro que estarás muy contenta con tus compras y espero que barcelona te aya gustado besos

Wanda said...

Thanks for all tour wonderful comments. I will be posting today about my visit to the second miniature store. Stay tuned!

Eva - tatalamaru said...

Hola Wanda, veo que tus compras son una maravilla y todas de gente extraordinaria.
También veo que te han ayudado con los blogs y esas cosas, así que tan sólo me queda felicitarte por esa visita a mi ciudad, me alegro que fuese tan productiva.
Un beso

Mini Drap said...

Thanks for your visit and for this article!

malu2 said...

Felicidadades Wanda!! por tus compras.
Drap es una excelente tienda en cuanto a miniaturas, todo lo que has comprado es precioso y de unas artesanas magníficas!!
Besos de las Malu´s.

Ceyminis said...

Congrats Wanda for your purchases. I am very happy you enjoy your visit here in my town. Kisses from Barcelona.