Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My trip to the miniature fair!!

Well after a little arm twisting and convincing my husband we could manage the Barcelona Metro off we went, first to Sagrada Familia, and then to the MINIATURE FAIR!!!  You can see I can't contain my excitement.  In fear that no one would speak english I took my I-pad complete with a translation App, but no fear, miniatures have a language all their own, and the I-Pad never came out of my bag!!  Actually I wished it wasn't there so I could have room for more miniature purchases in the bag!  Why didn't I bring a larger bag, what was I thinking!!

First I figured since it wasn't a store, Visa wasn't being accepted, so our next stop was to a ATM.  That was easy, maybe I should have taken out more Euros, we'll see!  The kind lady at the door spoke English, perfect, paid our entrance fee and there we were!!  We are inside, I am so overwhelmed I never took a picture the entire 10 minutes I was there.  My husband said we were there for hours, but I am sure his watch wasn't working because it only felt like 10 minutes to me.  It just wasn't enough time.  Even though hubby is very supportive of my hobby, after about 5 minutes he found a chair off to one side, and later a counter serving beer, and even a nice man who feed him that wonderful Iberian Ham that they have in Barcelona.  Now how did he manage that.  Not that I am complaining because food was the last thing on my mine.

I shopped, and shopped, and I debated at one point sneaking out the door to go across the street for more Euros at the ATM, do you think my husband would notice?  Maybe I shouldn't chance it!  Anyway, I went back to him and got more money from the Bank of Jeff, that worked just as well!!

Okay where do I start with all my wonderful purchases, so many it may take two postings, or I will bore you to death with my ramblings!!  Never, it's miniatures, right?!  Locally made by fantastic artisans!  Right?!

The first person I ran into was Laura from Evolve, we said hello and I made my first purchase.  I saw some lovely polymer canes, pizza slices no least.  Now I don't think I will use it for a pizza, but it has so many possibilities.  These are made by Angie Scarr.  Okay she isn't a local artisan, but an artisan never the less!

Next it was off to another table, and I made my first mistake for the day.  I NEVER TOOK A CARD FROM THIS TABLE.  So I don't know the sellers name, but it was a wonderful collection of miniature trims and ribbons.  Great for adding that special detail to my miniatures.  Very reasonably priced at 1 euro per skein.  I think I will add cording to the miniature chair I reupholstered for the castle room (shown below).  Beautiful straw to make a lady's hat or purse maybe?  Any lovely picot trim to finish off window treatments in the room boxes!
Then it was my first artisan purchase.  I saw these wonderful embroidered cushions at Cati Miniatures table.  I knew they would look perfect in the armchair of the castle roombox.  Aren't they just exquisite!  Check out their web site at
We got a little confused with the transaction and the language barrier, but we eventually completed the transaction.  I was like a child holding out the euros and waiting for my change!!
Then I saw more magazines, maybe I can get some great deals on secondhand magazines. My husband kindly reminds me of the weight that is going to be in my luggage, but I still have to look, right?!   The lady behind the table starts to talk to me, but wait a minute, she's talking to me in Spanish, I don't understand. I apologize in English that I don't speak Spanish, she chuckles, "oh good, you speak English, I speak that better, she was from the Netherlands!!" It's so funny, we starting chatting and we find out her sister use to live in St John's, our hometown!! The world is so small.
Then I saw jewelery findings at the next table, wow, I could finally make my own lamps. Unfortunately the seller doesn't speak any English, but the kind lady from the Netherlands becomes our translator. I got lots of jewelery findings and some wonderful miniature corded beads for miniature jewelery. The vendor was called PtitesKoses. They also had wonderful miniature lamps and kits to make lamps. Check them out at I actually went back twice to this table. I just had to have a few more items.

The next vendor was Lolittle Miniatures.  Have you ever purchased a miniature without even knowing where you are going to use it, but just had to have it because it was just so unique.  Well this is the case at Lolittle Miniatures.  The miniature coiled notebooks were exquisite.  It's amazing that they could punch the holes that perfect and insert that coil.  I have no idea which setting it will eventually end up in, but I had to have it!  Sorry for the condition of the business card.  I was trying to ensure that I assigned the right vendor to each product so I placed the business cards in the bags with each purchase, and the bag for the book was a tiny ziplock bag.  So I had to fold the card to fit into the bag.  There is a method to my madness, but it works!  This vendor did not appear to have a web site listed on their business card, but you can see that they make a lot of different items.  (It would also helped if I had turned the card over to the English side before I took the photograph!)

The next vendor made the most exquisite miniature dresses.  One will work perfect in the child's room of my dollhouse. It came complete with a little bonnet!  I don't normally put dolls in my projects, but I always love to add clothing, it gives it that lived in feel.  The vendor was Vistiendo Suenos.  They have a web site at  Check out the site, it is extremely extensive and they make much more than the little dresses!

I am about half way through my trip around the fair at this point, five minutes right, since I still think I was only there 10 minutes, I think the new watch I bought for my husband is definitely not working correctly. 
I think I have rambled on long enough for today, so I will keep my other purchases for my next posting.  Just got to leave you in suspense!!
Before I leave, a big thank you to all the new followers.  I see that many are from Spain, I guess the news has gotten around about the crazy Canadian who invaded their city.  It was so wonderful.  Thank you for taking the interest in my blog.  I hope my postings on your wonderful artisans will be a good thank you in return.
Until the next time.............


PAKY said...

You did a great tour of Barcelona, Fair, Drap, Evolve, Ananda, is fabulous! How wonderful, and shopping are fantastic! Congratulations!

Giac said...

Hello Wanda,
How wonderful! I'm so glad you got to go to the fair and found such wonderfulitems. The pillows are to die for. Exquisite. Everything is just beautiful. You really have a great eye.
I hope the bank of jeff offers good interest rates.
Big hug,

Eva - tatalamaru said...

Unas compras fantásticas Wanda, las de las cintas (picot braid, paja, etc...) son del Rastrillo de Viti y los vendedores eran Viti y Rosendo, su marido.
Hablando de maridos, suerte que el tuyo encontró el lugar perfecto para tomar una cerveza fresca y así dejarte comprar a ti tranquilamente.
Un besote y hasta la próxima

Fabiola said...

Fantastic trip! I like your purchases.
Kiss Faby

Wanda said...

Thanks for the comments, it's nice to know who the vendor was for the ribbon. The Bank of Jeff has fantastic interest rates!!

Lucille said...

I'm in love with that cushion and it goes so well with the chair. Thanks for removing the word process.

Viti said...

Gracias wanda por pasarte por mi mesa y hacer unas compras de cintas y Trenzas y demás cositas de miniaturas. Somo El Rastrillo de Viti
Nos puedes encontrar en todas las ferias y en nuestra Web

Saludos Viti